Video: Supersprint Performance exhaust on the BMW M4!

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Supersprint Performance Exhaust On BMW M4

For the current one BMW G80 M3 and the technically identical G82 M4 there is now an acoustically greatly improved exhaust sound. And even that with the hammered Otto particle filter (OPF). The system comes from the team at Super Sprint and is called "Performance exhaust system". It comes with a J-pipe in front, new center pipes (left and right) and only the rear silencer with the standard flaps remains untouched. And then there is another version. And one with a so-called "H-Pipe" (Center pipes). Both can be heard in the video below and the video shows sound files from every important situation in life. Regardless of whether it is a cold start, a warm engine or full throttle. The S58 six-cylinder always sounds great.


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