Video: Tesla electric drive in the classic BMW E9!

Tesla Powered BMW E9 Batmobile 4 51 Screenshot

Ship an electric drive into the dreamlike BMW E9? This is exactly what was implemented in the vehicle from the following video. The former water damage became complete over almost 2 years restauriert and moreover also the same modified, to look a little like the legendary CSL. But the body changes are only part of the conversion. Because the biggest change is the fact that the factory 3,0-litre M30B30 straight-six is ​​gone and in exchange for one Electric drive was exchanged. From a technical point of view, the 3.0 CSi becomes a Restomod, or better for Electric mod. Since the conversion, there has been a large one in the engine compartment Battery and a small battery pack is installed in the rear. The Electric Classic Cars (ECC) team also removed the four-speed manual gearbox and now sits in the place of the rear differential Tesla electric motor. Battery and drive come from one Tesla Model S P85 and where the cardan shaft used to be, they are now high voltage cable housed for the electric motor.

Tesla electric drive in the BMW E9 Coupe

The result of the effort leads to an increase in performance 450 hp & 450 Newton meters of torque, and thus in more than a doubling compared to the 3.0 CSi with 200 PS & 272 Nm. If the batteries are fully charged, the E9 should be able to travel around 200 miles (322 kilometers). Since the vehicle is hardly any heavier than the series, but much more powerful, it is of course also faster. With the electric heart as the drive, the classic makes it in approx. 3 seconds to almost 100 km/h (96 km/h), while the production vehicle needs a good 7,5 seconds for this. And it still exists rear-wheel drive, however, the load is now with a modern Wilwood sports braking system send behind Alpina wheels delayed. And we would also like to mention the refreshed one Interior with sunroof. The rest is best seen in the video.


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Tesla electric drive in the classic BMW E9!
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