Video: 380 hp VW Golf R vs. BMW M2 & M4 Competition!

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VW Golf R vs. BMW M2 M4 Competition 2

To show that performance isn't everything in a drag race, the RSRNurburg team hosted a drag race on YouTube. And with a tuned one VW Golf R of generation MK7 against one BMW M2 Competition as well as one BMW M4 Competition. The 300 hp standard output of the Golf was increased by the tuner Revo 380 PS increased and so the still existing performance disadvantage compared to the M2 or M4 is perhaps no longer a problem. Instead, the Golf even has a big advantage.

All-wheel drive and dual-clutch transmission

VW Golf R vs. BMW M2 M4 Competition 1

The Gulf has namely all wheel drive in combination with one Dual clutch automatic transmission. Does the Golf R get there faster than the M2C with rear-wheel drive and manual transmission? And what about the M4 Competition of the F82 series? It has even more power than its little brother and a fast DCT transmission instead of manual transmission. In addition, the M4 weighs little more than the M2 (1.635 kg vs. 1.625 kg). However, the VW weighs around 200 kg less than the two BMW M vehicles. Have fun with the video!


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