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Bugatti certifies second-hand hyper sports cars!

Bugatti certifies second-hand hyper sports cars!

Bugatti develops hyper sports cars that deliver extreme performance. Mechanics and electrics are perfectly matched. This is the only way to achieve this incomparable performance. Every hypercar needs careful maintenance by seasoned experts to keep it performing at its best. The new "Bugatti Certified Pre-Owned Program" offers this trustworthy maintenance for a number of second-hand Bugatti models. With the launch of the Certified program, anyone who decides to purchase a privately owned Veyron or Chiron from an authorized Bugatti partner can rest assured that their future automobile will feature the unparalleled quality that one would expect from a Bugatti.

For second-hand vehicles!

A vehicle offered under the Bugatti Certified Pre-Owned Program must have passed a rigorous 110-point inspection by the official Bugatti dealer offering it for sale within the last six months prior to sale. If any of these inspection items are found to be unacceptable, the deficiency must be remedied before the car receives the Certified Pre-Owned certificate. Only then does the automobile receive a twelve-month guarantee.

Bugatti certifies second-hand hyper sports cars!

This one-year limited warranty for Certified Pre-Owned Chiron models is just as comprehensive as the original warranty for new Bugatti models and covers all parts and labor for mechanical, electrical, corrosion or paintwork defects. For the Veyron, this warranty applies to all mechanical and electrical parts and covers the cost of parts and labour. It applies worldwide; even if a customer buys their vehicle in the Middle East and later drives it in Europe, it is covered by all European Bugatti service partners.

Bugatti certifies second-hand hyper sports cars!

Only authorized Bugatti service companies may be used for guarantee work and only original Bugatti spare parts may be installed. These replacement parts are covered by a separate two-year warranty, including replacement and labor. The first annual service by an authorized Bugatti service partner is also included. Bugatti's global network of Authorized Service Partners offers unmatched expertise and experience, acting as a single, trusted point of contact for customers. The use of exclusively authorized service partners as part of the Certified Pre-Owned program thus guarantees the highest standard of processing by highly qualified technicians, which cannot be achieved anywhere else. This is the only way to ensure that all warranties on all Bugatti parts and accessories remain valid.

Certified pre-owned seal of quality

All Bugatti Service Partners can offer vehicles with the new Certified Pre-Owned seal of quality. All customers receive an official certificate of the status of their vehicles upon purchase. "The Veyron and the Chiron are true icons of automobile construction. They are hyper sports cars that set new, breathtaking standards. Our new Certified Pre-Owned program means that those wanting to enjoy the unrivaled driving experience of a Veyron or Chiron by choosing a used model can now benefit from the exemplary customer service and attention to detail that only authorized Bugatti service partners can offer", says Hendrik Malinowski, Managing Director Sales and Marketing at Bugatti Automobiles. Photo credit: Bugatti

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Bugatti certifies second-hand hyper sports cars!

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Bugatti certifies second-hand hyper sports cars!

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Bugatti certifies second-hand hyper sports cars!

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Bugatti certifies second-hand hyper sports cars!

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