Thursday 28rd September 2023


By mistake, many people think of Italy when they hear Bugatti. In reality, the origins come from France. The French automaker was active between 1909 and 1963 and was taken over between 1987 and 1998 by Romano Artioli (from this time stirs the Italian thought). Surprisingly, Bugatti today is under the leadership of a German concern, the Volkswagen AG. In the year 1998 VW secured the brand and name rights. Bugatti stands for speed, quality and success - in racing these vehicles were incredibly reliable and successful. In the tuning scene, many models of this brand, from the vintage 1915, to the current model - everyone wants to be even faster or more conspicuous with his personal vehicle tuning. Original Bugatti from the early years are very rare and therefore extremely expensive: A collector had to put for a copy of the original Bugatti Atlantic proud 7,5 million dollars on the table. In Argentina there is also the car manufacturer "Pur Sang", one of the last Bugatti license production companies to manufacture the 35 type.