Evil: 2022 R-Dynamic Black model of the Jaguar F-Pace!

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2022 R Dynamic Black model of the Jaguar F Pace 15 Evil: 2022 R Dynamic Black model of the Jaguar F Pace!

With the new and exclusive R-Dynamic Black model, the Jaguar F-PACE is more desirable than ever for model year 2022. For the first time, Jaguar is also offering a Black Pack for the top athlete Jaguar SVR, while the entire Jaguar SUV series will benefit from an increased feel-good factor in the interior, state-of-the-art connectivity and new driver assistance systems for the new model year. Almost entirely electrified drives, in conjunction with the standard eight-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive, guarantee efficient and dynamic locomotion under all conditions.

the R-Dynamic Black model

The F-PACE R-DYNAMIC BLACK bewitches with a Black Pack with exterior mirror caps in glossy black, a permanently installed panoramic glass roof and tinted windows. These elements are complemented by 20-inch rims in an equally glossy black finish. Like all F-PACE models, the R-DYNAMIC BLACK is also available with a wide range of engines from the in-house Ingenium engine family - from the 4-cylinder MHEV turbodiesel with 120 kW (163 PS *) to the plug-in hybrid with 297 kW (404 PS) *. The F-PACE is a performance SUV that really sets itself apart with its emphatically self-confident design. The new R-DYNAMIC BLACK gave us the opportunity to accentuate the sculptural and very balanced shape of the F-PACE even more and thus give it even more presence. (ADAM HATTON DESIGN DIRECTOR EXTERIOR, JAGUAR)


The glossy black finish of the Black Pack can be found next to the exterior mirror caps also on the charismatic Jaguar radiator grille and its frame, on the surrounds of the side windows, the outlet slots in the front fenders with the iconic Jaguar "Leaper" as well as on the lower part of the rear bumper and those attached to the rear Emblems again. The Black Pack is rounded off by 20-inch alloy wheels in the glossy black "Style 1067" design, through whose openings red-painted brake calipers shine through.

2022 R Dynamic Black model of the Jaguar F Pace 8 Evil: 2022 R Dynamic Black model of the Jaguar F Pace!

The theme continues with glossy black roof rails instead of the silver version that is otherwise available as an option for the F-PACE. Jaguar is offering the F-PACE R-DYNAMIC BLACK, which is factory-fitted with a permanently installed panoramic glass roof, with the full range of colors, consisting of a solid color, seven metallic paints - including Ostuni White - and two premium metallic finishes .

The high-quality interior of the R-DYNAMIC BLACK version shines to match the exterior look with ash wood inlays in satin charcoal, aluminum pedals and particularly elaborate ambient lighting. The latter now allows a choice between 30 instead of the previous ten different color nuances.

Feel-good factor and comfort further increased

As a product premiere in the F-PACE, Jaguar has expanded the air ionization introduced last year to neutralize allergens and unpleasant vapors as well as the filtration of ultra-fine PM 2.5 particles by two new comfort features:

2022 R Dynamic Black model of the Jaguar F Pace 7 Evil: 2022 R Dynamic Black model of the Jaguar F Pace!

The first innovation is called "Air Purge" and uses the ventilation and recirculation functions of the automatic air conditioning to supply the interior with fresh air before the start of a journey, either through a programmed start time via the infotainment touchscreen or the Jaguar Remote App.

The second convenience-enhancing innovation monitors and controls the CO2 concentration in the interior of the F-PACE via sensors. This can increase if, for example, the air conditioning's recirculation function is switched on for a long time - for example when driving through a long tunnel or an area with generally poor air. In order to keep the CO2 level within the desired limits, the system can also supply fresh air if necessary. In addition, customers benefit from a display on the touchscreen that shows the particle concentration inside and outside the cabin.

Infotainment and connectivity

Access to the fast and easy-to-use Pivi Pro infotainment system with navigation is provided in the F-PACE via an attractively curved glass HD touchscreen in 11,4 '' format, which is 48 percent larger and three times higher in resolution than the previous 10 '' Screen. Thanks to a simplified menu structure, users can use the home screen to execute 90 percent of all common commands with a maximum of two entries. In order to provide the driver with important information quickly, Jaguar provides the central touchscreen with an interactive and also high-resolution driver display in 12,3 '' format.

2022 R Dynamic Black model of the Jaguar F Pace 11 Evil: 2022 R Dynamic Black model of the Jaguar F Pace!

The new infotainment system is equipped with Apple CarPlay ex works and enables two smartphones to be connected at the same time via Bluetooth. Android Auto is also installed as standard. An external antenna promotes interference-free reception during calls. The Software-Over-The-Air (SOTA) function guarantees that the family SUV is always supplied with the latest software, without the vehicle owner having to visit a Jaguar dealer.

Pivi Pro helps customers of an F-PACE plug-in hybrid to find public charging stations. Not only does it show the fastest way to get there, it also provides information about availability, the price of electricity and the expected charging time.

Driver assistance systems

The assistance systems that have already been available for the F-PACE will be complemented by a combination of adaptive cruise control and steering assistant for the new model year. Ideal for long motorway stretches, it gently assists with steering, accelerating and braking. As a result, the system always keeps the vehicle in the lane, while at the same time maintaining a pre-programmed distance from the vehicle in front.

2022 R Dynamic Black model of the Jaguar F Pace 1 Evil: 2022 R Dynamic Black model of the Jaguar F Pace!

Self-sealing tires

Self-sealing tires are a novelty for the F-PACE and complement the tire repair system as well as the spare wheels already offered with reduced cross-section and in full size. They have an integrated sealing layer in the tire interior: if an object penetrates the tread, the sealant surrounds the object and can form an airtight seal so that the air pressure is maintained and the driver can continue his journey. As an option - and only in the all-season tires - they are offered in 19 ", 20" and 21 ".

Electrifying performance

The F-PACE is also available as the P400e * with a plug-in hybrid drive train. With the combined power of a 4-cylinder tubular petrol engine and a 105 kW electric motor, it develops a system output of 297 kW (404 PS) * and a maximum torque of 640 Nm. This enables an extremely fast 0-100 km / h sprint in just 5,3 seconds.

Fully charged, the F-PACE P400e * can cover 59 kilometers * purely electrically; with an average fuel consumption of 2,4 l / 100 km, a power consumption of 17,6-17,5 kWh / 100 km and CO2 emissions of 54 g / km *.

2022 R Dynamic Black model of the Jaguar F Pace 14 Evil: 2022 R Dynamic Black model of the Jaguar F Pace!

Fast charging with 32 kW direct current enables the battery to be charged from 30 to 0 percent in up to 80 minutes; On the home wallbox with 7 kW output, the same process hardly takes longer than two hours.

In addition, five of the six 4- and 6-cylinder engines offered for the German market are fitted ex works with energy-saving mild hybrid technology. The MHEV system for the new 6-cylinder turbo gasoline engines and the 4-cylinder turbo diesel engines use a belt starter generator to capture the energy that would otherwise be lost when braking or luffing. It is stored in a 48 volt lithium-ion battery so that it can be intelligently supplied again when you accelerate quickly. But MHEV is also used to respond more quickly to the stop / start system.

Thanks to the MHEV technology used by Jaguar for the first time, the two 4-cylinder MHEV turbodiesels F-PACE D165 * and D200 * have an average consumption of 5,2 l / 100 km *, with CO2 emissions of 138-137 g / km *.

2022 R Dynamic Black model of the Jaguar F Pace 2 Evil: 2022 R Dynamic Black model of the Jaguar F Pace!

The 6-cylinder MHEV turbo gasoline engine produces 294 kW (400 PS) * and a maximum torque of 550 Nm * from a displacement of just under three liters. It uses an electrically driven turbo compressor in combination with a twin scroll turbocharger to increase performance. With so much concentrated high-tech, the F-PACE P400 * accelerates from 5,4 to 0 km / h in 100 seconds.

The Jaguar all-wheel drive system in conjunction with Intelligent Driveline Dynamics (IDD) is used across the entire F-PACE range. On dry and firm ground, almost all of the engine's torque goes to the rear wheels. The situation changes in a flash if slip is measured on one of the rear wheels. The IDD control strategy then ensures that torque is also directed to the front axle as required. In all F-PACE models, Jaguar DriveControl allows drivers to choose between the Comfort, Eco, Rain / Ice / Snow and Dynamic programs.

F-PACE SVR - for the first time also with Black Pack

With 405 kW (550 PS) *, the F-PACE SVR marks the top of the Jaguar SUV family and shines with superior dynamics, many details inspired by the world of motorsport and an interior tailored to performance criteria. With the 700 Nm of its supercharged V8 and the Dynamic Launch function, it is from standstill to 100 km / h in exactly four seconds. The top speed is 286 km / h.

2022 R Dynamic Black model of the Jaguar F Pace 5 Evil: 2022 R Dynamic Black model of the Jaguar F Pace!

In conjunction with the Black Pack, which is also available for the F-PACE SVR for the first time, the top model in the series looks even more dynamic and impressive than before. Instead of the SV exterior package in Satin Gray, the Black Pack with a glossy black finish for the grille surround, front and rear bumpers as well as the door sills and the emblems attached to the rear are now in the foreground. The new Black Pack for the SVR is rounded off by optional and forged 22-inch rims in a five-spoke design ("Style 5117") - a combination of a glossy black finish and inserts in Satin Technical Gray. Otherwise, the F-PACE SVR also benefits from the wellness functions, driver assistance systems and connectivity technologies that have also been newly introduced for the other models in the series.

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2022 R Dynamic Black model of the Jaguar F Pace 2 Evil: 2022 R Dynamic Black model of the Jaguar F Pace!

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