BMW 3 Series Limo (E46) with RB25DET Neo Nissan engine!

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BMW E46 RB25DET Neo Nissan Engine Swap 23

For many BMW fans there is only one Line six-cylinder the right centerpiece for your four-wheeled sweetheart. Marketing or downsizing, a four-cylinder or even an engine with only three pots, which in BMW AG's marketing jargon is called half six-cylinder is touted, will probably never achieve the status of an inline six-cylinder from Munich. The engine concept at BMW has ultimately proven itself over generations, because the engine can run as smooth as silk and generate a lot of power and torque when it is running one or two turbochargers is equipped. But there are also BMW tuners who produce the engines that stand for sheer driving pleasure. rather So appreciate the fact that you equip your BMW with a third-party unit by using a so-called Engine swap carry out. We are now introducing you to a model that does its rounds in China in more detail.

Outwardly an inconspicuous lemonade!

From the outside, you can't tell in the least that the car doesn't have a production engine under the hood. The red paintwork and the unchanged chassis make the E46 look very classic, and the condition of the vehicle is apparently almost perfect. The Rays RE30 rims in 18-inch format, on the tires in the format 225 / 40 R18 were mounted, round off the subtle appearance, which on the outside does not suggest anything of the extremely curious inner workings.

BMW E46 RB25DET Neo Nissan Engine Swap 10

One lives behind the rims AP5200 racing brake system with red brake calipers, which in color harmonize well with the exterior paintwork, which is also red. All in all, the three-way BMW doesn't look like a tuning object, but rather a well-maintained retirement vehicle. But that changes suddenly as soon as you open the hood and discover something that doesn't really belong there! More on that in a moment.

The interior is sporty.

While the front passenger and rear passengers can enjoy the usual comfort of a limousine, the driver sits in one Racing seat the company Bride with Five-point belts from OMP. There is also a in the cockpit dished sports steering wheel without an airbag, which brings that racing feeling to the BMW.

The RB25DET Neo motor is used as the drive!

Every BMW fan will probably get dizzy now, and many will also have tears in their eyes, but under the hood of the three-wheeler hits japanese heart. You might call it blasphemy, but the tuner actually has one 2,5-liter in-line six-cylinder from the Nissan Skyline R34who with a turbocharger is stocked, transplanted into his darling. Surprisingly, the result is a balanced 50:50 weight distribution, even if we of course use the old one N46B20CA enginewho had to vacate his place, would have preferred to see in this vehicle. We only know that the Nissan turbo gasoline engine is currently 1,2 bar boost pressure generated, but unfortunately we have the exact performance data none Information. The power is transmitted via a Five-step automatic on the rear wheels.

BMW E46 RB25DET Neo Nissan Engine Swap 20

Our Summary to this E46 with Nissan engine:

Opinions are divided on this project. On the one hand, a six-cylinder in-line was installed, but on the other hand, a unit is used that has a completely different character than a BMW engine. Blasphemy or not? Decide for yourself! If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply take ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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BMW three-seater sedan (E46) with RB25DET Neo-Nissan engine.
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