BMW 425i Coupé (G22) with Airride and on BBS rims!

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BMW 425i Coupe G22 Airride BBS rims 15

It polarized immediately after the publication of the first Erlkönig pictures and even some time after the market launch, opinions regarding the front end are still divided. We're talking about BMW 4er of the current generation, which is available as a convertible, coupé and gran coupé. The electric variant called i4 also has a similarly designed grille, which is oversized by BMW standards, but this does not prevent the model series from becoming a bestseller. Extra shifts are even being pushed at the production sites to meet the demand for the e-version i4, which brings us back to the tiresome topic electrification are. But there are (fortunately) also combustion variants of the BMW 4-series, and such a 425i coupé from a Chinese tuning company refined we would like to introduce you to today.

Am I an M4 or not?

Everyone probably immediately thinks of an M4 just seeing the vehicle from the side, and especially the optical focus on the foiling laid in primrose yellow. The hue closely resembles a popular color from the M color palette. Tuning parts all around, especially in the form of one Carbon spoilers at the front, which has additional side flaps, as well as a smaller one Ducktail spoiler im CDM style, which is also made of carbon fiber and adorns the trunk lid, ensure a sporty and dynamic look.

This was in the premium Bavarian Airride chassis installed, which ensures that it is pressed very close to the asphalt when required. In order to optically pull the vehicle a little wider, the 4 Series also got Carbon side skirts along with the former exhibit at the Chinese tuning fair Suzhou GT show make it look even beefier. Incidentally, the BMW 4 Series Coupé acted as a trade fair vehicle for the tuning company that refined it in autumn 2021. At that time, OEM rims from M GmbH were still installed, but they are now replaced by shiny silver ones BBS wheels in 19-inch format, which feature a Y-twin-spoke design. Also a big one GT rear wing was installed during the GT Show in Suzhou, China. As mentioned above, it was made by Rump spoiler replaced.

BMW 425i Coupe G22 Airride BBS rims 13

There is also a modified one Sports exhaust system at the rear, which with their four classically arranged tailpipes are the most striking Carbon diffuser flanked, and possibly even elicited sporty tones from the four-cylinder turbo petrol engine. We are sure that the car would have been well received at the Essen Motor Show, as it looks professionally and coherently modified.

2-liter four-cylinder turbo petrol engine provides propulsion

No, it works no classic in-line six-cylinder the work under the bow of the pretty boy! A turbo heart with only four cylinders, but according to our information Stage 2 remapping owns, drives the 425i Coupé. Unfortunately, we do not know anything about the current performance of the car. There is also another one Full carbon engine cover under the hood, which is intended to give the engine compartment more sportiness. Either way, we're confident that this automobile offers enough driving pleasure to make the hearts of many BMW fans beat faster.

BMW 425i Coupe G22 Airride BBS rims 1

Our conclusion on the BMW 425i Coupé:

From our point of view, this is a fair vehicle worthy of a tuning show, and an extremely attractive project vehicle that fits harmoniously into everyday life, and also as a Daily Driver can be used. If you have the same opinion, you are welcome to have a look at the corresponding picture gallery at the end of the article! If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Ex-exhibition vehicle of the 2021 Suzhou GT Show! Chic BMW 425i Coupé (G22) on BBS rims!
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