Make it real - BMW 507 Roadster with S62-V8 as restomod!

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BMW 507 Roadster S62 V8 Restomod Tuning 8

A BMW 2 costing almost 507 million euros? That corresponds to an object value of two Mercedes 300 SL Roadsters (W 198 II). Can this be? Definitely! A 1.996.250 from 507 was auctioned for exactly 1958 euros via RM Sothebys as part of the Retromobile in Paris. This made the open sports car from the 50s the most expensive and at the same time rarest BMW ever. It is hard to believe that the new classic drawn by Albrecht Graf Goertz was, however, an economic failure. One of the reasons why, only a minimalist number of 252 series copies were made between November 1956 and March 1959. At that time, the chic aluminum body was still handcrafted and the production of just one vehicle took between 10 and 20 days. But that didn't help. The 507 flopped.

the "flopp" is now priceless

BMW 507 Roadster S62 V8 Restomod Tuning 6

But that ensured, decades later, that the vehicle with the chassis number 70134 with the first owner from Hollywood was sold for almost 2 million euros. But that doesn't even mean the auction record. In 2018 a 507 (John Surtees car with chassis number 70067) paid the sum of an incredible 4.502.795 euros. Incidentally, a 507 only cost new in the USA 8988 US Dollars. That was more than double that of a Ford Thunderbird or the Chevrolet Corvette at the time. And the engine of the 507 was technically, especially with regard to the SL, quite unspectacular and lame. There was an aluminum V8 with carburettors that, according to the factory, made 150 hp. So about 65 PS less than the SL which even delivered an innovative injection technology and more torque. The 90 kilograms less empty weight was of no use either. The SL would definitely have driven this one with the modern S62 V8 engine from the E39 M5. Abimelec Design put it virtually into a 507 Roadster and made a few other changes. The result is a new interpretation of the classic, adapted to the 21st century as a restomod vehicle.

ultra-thin low profile tires on the 507

BMW 507 Roadster S62 V8 Restomod Tuning 10

The exterior design is largely unchanged except for the enlarged factory rims, lowering, slightly flared rear fenders, a chopped windshield and modified aprons. But instead of the 150 PS eight-cylinder V-engine with 3.168 cm³ displacement, the 400 PS & 500 NM strong S62B50 from the M5 is now working under the bonnet. And in contrast to the almost 1,8 ton 5 Series, the engine in the 507 would only have to move a minimalistic 1.330 kg. So crazy driving performance would be guaranteed. And the S62 wasn't chosen at random. Because the engine was also used in the Z8 (internal model E52). And its design, designed by Henrik Fisker with the wide kidney grille and side air intakes, is ultimately based on the 507. We are curious to see whether a company will be found that will eventually obtain the license for a replica and set up a 507 in a similar configuration . An original will probably never go through such a change. Luckily! Have fun looking at the pictures and stay true to us!

BMW 507 Roadster S62 V8 Restomod Tuning 1

(Photos: Abimelec design)

BMW 507 Roadster S62 V8 Restomod Tuning 2

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BMW 507 Roadster with S62-V8 as Restomod!

BMW 507 Roadster S62 V8 Restomod Tuning 8

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