BMW 525i (E34) as daily driver and show car!

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1995 BMW 525i E34 show car tuning San Marino blue 16 BMW 525i (E34) as daily driver and show car!

From our point of view, the BMW 5 Series E34 is like a good wine. It matures with age and gets better and better. The modified specimens also become increasingly rare and therefore more exclusive over time. For example, this E34, which we would like to introduce to you in more detail today, was built in 1995 and should be named by its tuner Conor Auld originally not modified at all, but used as a classic daily that you can move around in everyday life without any problems. But it turned out very differently, because a small Suzuki Ignis took the place as an everyday car in Conor's garage, and the BMW became one showcar remodeled, but has retained the charm of a daily.

A quintessence from both worlds.

In our opinion, however, the E34 is also an ideal daily driver, because with its subtle tuning style, it is a mix JDM and USDM parts includes, the vehicle is perfectly suited to be moved in everyday life. The ground clearance was increased with the help of a Air Lift Performance Universal Kits reduced, which one with a AutoPilot V2 control is equipped to adjust the height individually.

Tuner Conor wanted to achieve a sporty look, but that should not should be at the expense of driving comfort and suitability for everyday use. the JDM rims called Work Meister S1, which you have certainly already seen on various Asian models, have the format 9,5 × 18 inches at the front and 11 × 18 inches at the rear, which means that on the rear axle track plates were necessary to get an optimal fit. On the 5 Series, the rims look very sporty in our opinion, and the mix of styles JDM rims and the USDM bumpers with the orange markings fits well.

1995 BMW 525i E34 show car tuning San Marino blue 2 BMW 525i (E34) as daily driver and show car!

Incidentally, the whole vehicle was completely in San Marino blue lacquered, a color that is very popular with current BMW models. And the color looks great on the E34, and so does that AC Schnitzer mirror and the rear spoiler fit seamlessly into the elegant body. There were also a Gurney flap as well as tinted Hella headlights built in to let in a little 90s tuning flair.

Completely redesigned interior.

The interior, which had a full leather interior from the factory, was made by the British company Optimus trimmers completely redesigned. Tweed fabric and leather now adorn the seats, which come from Cobra and listen to the model name Nogaro, and the decorative stitching were kept in a blue that comes close to the San Marino blue of the exterior paintwork. Of the gear lever from Coolworx and that car phone from Philips were also only added later, and are suitable as nice gimmicks. That Steering wheel is by the way from Nardi and comes straight from one Subaru Impreza WRX STI Type RAthat Conor has in his garage at home.

An R6 petrol engine powers the E34.

For the most part the engine is stock, and just a new setup by a company called Potatobread engineering was developed as well as a Headers von Schmeidmann found their way under the sheet metal, along with a few other smaller details that are not so important. The M50B25 engine was tidied up, cleaned and made pretty to shine at various tuning meetings, sparkling clean and sitting perfectly in the engine compartment.

Unfortunately, we do not know anything about the exact performance or the driving performance, but we assume that the new setup has released a few more horsepower. Tuner Conor Auld is planning one soon Holset HX35 turbocharger to be installed, and to make further modifications to the engine in order to generate significantly more power.

Our Summary for this BMW 525i (E34):

A great project, which according to our information is far from finished. With the planned turbocharger, the performance should climb into completely new dimensions. We take our hats off to the fantastic classic project that is stealing the show from many others. If you also liked the vehicle, we recommend that you click through the picture gallery that we have attached to the article. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply take ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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1995 BMW 525i (E34) is a daily driver and a show car at the same time.
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