Friday 15nd October 2021

BMW 5er G30 550i xDrive on ADV.1 ADV10 M.V2 SL Alu's

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Understandably, the modified BMW G30 models are not yet sprouting out of the ground! BMW's "new“Was only introduced a short time ago and we also currently have winter, which are not necessarily positive arguments for tuning. Reason enough for us to surprise you with a virtual picture that shows a brand new BMW G30 with a red set of ADV.1 ADV10 M.V2 SL rims, as well as a significant lowering. We didn't do more and it doesn't necessarily have to be more with the new one, does it?

BMW G30 550i xdrive tuning BMW 5er G30 550i xDrive on ADV.1 ADV10 M.V2 SL Alu's

We have made the following virtual changes:

  • Set ADV.1 ADV10 M.V2 SL rims
  • significant lowering

Now our question to you, what do you think of that? Would you like the 550i as we modified it on the computer or would that be “too much” and yet a number too blatant? In any case, I would be happy to see the car in this way or at least something similar on our streets and could imagine that it is quite an eye-catcher. 🙂 Ps. If you want to see more virtually tuned vehicles from just click HERE!

Here's a little taste:

Deep & impractical - VW T6 Transporter tuning flatbed

VW T6 Transporter Tuning flatbed 310x165 BMW 5er G30 550i xDrive on ADV.1 ADV10 M.V2 SL Alu's

Audi TS6 RS-Line based on the T6 bus from

Tuningblog 6 2x310 BMW 165er G5 30i xDrive on ADV.550 ADV1 M.V10 SL Alu's

Vorsteiner BMW M4 F82 GTRS4 Widebody by

BMW M4 F82 Coupe GTRS4 Widebody Tuning 310x165 BMW 5er G30 550i xDrive on ADV.1 ADV10 M.V2 SL Alu's

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Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 BMW 5er G30 550i xDrive on ADV.1 ADV10 M.V2 SL Alu's

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  1. Hello,
    looks awesome.
    What would be very interesting: Evil eye in the form of black film, cover the top of the headlights and the rest of the headlights with very slightly black tinted film.
    Think others would find that very strong.

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