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BMW 7er Li (F02) with Airride chassis and rear extension!

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BMW 7er Li F02 Airride suspension tuning 10 BMW 7er Li (F02) with Airride suspension and rear extension!

Such a BMW 7 Series sedan in the long version is usually a pure one Chauffeur carwho brings managers or politicians to important appointments. Regardless of whether you are talking about prominent or less prominent people, with a 7-seater long version you can travel in a relaxed manner, and you can relax like a princely in the rear between the stress of appointments. This is of course also known in China, which is why there are not only long versions in the upper-class automobile, but also various extended versions of mid-range sedans, which sell like sliced ​​bread in the Middle Kingdom. Of course, the tuning scene has also recognized the advantages of such a long version, and longer limousines are becoming more and more common modified and tuned. We are now introducing you to such a specimen of a BMW 7 series in more detail.

Long, deep, black - 7 Series BMW

There it stands mightily wide and mighty deep, the elongated seven-series BMW that is doing its laps in China, and with the help of one Airride chassis was pushed so deep in the direction of the asphalt that in autumn he took his front splitter can pick up the leaves from the street. With his 20-inch alloy wheelswhich come in the same shade of black as the car itself and have a five-spoke drop center look, the 7 Series looks extremely sporty and is strongly reminiscent of the typical VIP tuning cars from Japan.

Various little gimmicks, such as the Chinese one Character emblem, which was affixed to the bonnet instead of the BMW logo, testify to CDM style tuning on the car. This also includes the 777 Li lettering, or that white-blue heartthat was attached to the trunk lid in place of the white and blue propeller. There was also a rear spoiler Made of carbon, which with its ducktail design is also reminiscent of the current trends from the Chinese tuning scene. Last but not least, there was also a Four pipe exhaust system installed with square tailpipes, which is a little reminiscent of Alpina models.

BMW 7er Li F02 Airride suspension tuning 15 BMW 7er Li (F02) with Airride suspension and rear extension!

Many details are in our opinion should not Intended for European tuning tastes, but by and large it looks relatively professional. At tuning meetings in Europe, however, the modifications would be discussed quite controversially, and the car would probably polarize enormously.

Luggage compartment expansion for the Airride tanks

So that the components of the air suspension do not have to be installed in a mess, there is a professionally made one Trunk expansion including parquet inlays, which make the luggage compartment look extremely classy and tidy.

BMW 7er Li F02 Airride suspension tuning 13 BMW 7er Li (F02) with Airride suspension and rear extension!

Unfortunately, we don't know anything about the engine.

The 7-series long version of the F02 generation was available as 740 Li, 750 Li and 760 Li. Regardless of whether a 6-, 8- or 12-cylinder heart beats under the hood, the BMW always offers superior performance and outstanding comfort to ensure the best symbiosis of sportiness and luxury.

Our Summary about this 7-series BMW:

As is well known, one can argue about taste and different tuning cultures. However, it is undisputed that this vehicle has been professionally refined, because that alone Trunk expansion, which was necessary to install the Airride components, is a feast for the eyes. If you liked the 7th, you can click on the corresponding picture gallery that we have attached to the article. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply take ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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BMW 7er Li (F02) with Airride chassis and rear extension!
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