Fantastic: BMW 850Ci (E31) V12 with Pandem widebody kit!

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BMW 850Ci E31 Pandem Widebody SEMA Tuning 9 Fantastic: BMW 850Ci (E31) V12 with Pandem Widebody Kit!

As every year, the SEMA Auto Show was an impressive event this year with an incredible number of beautiful vehicles. And like every year, the secret highlights of the tuning show only reach us little by little. We only got you yesterday Challenger "Chastizer" subsequently delivered and also this one 900 hp Chevy C10, the Widebody DeLorean or the LCE Audi Sport Quattro by Ken Block were such showpieces at the Los Angeles auto show. As every year, we could continue and expand the list forever. Unfortunately, there is not enough space for this in this article. It is enough for some information about another vehicle. And a beautiful one at that Widebody BMW 850Ci from the 1995s. The 8 Series was extensively rebuilt and in cooperation with Pandem developed from Japan. The vehicle is the world's first E31 with a Pandem widebody kit all around. But that's not all!

BMW 850Ci with Pandem WIDE-BODY!

The classic with the folding eyes got the typical all around extensions with exposed screw connections and a matching one Middle piece for the lower part of the doors. And also approaches for the rear apron as well as a matching one front spoiler are built in. In keeping with the class, there was of course also a fixed one rear wing with special brackets for the 8 series.

Our absolute highlight is definitely that foiling all around. Only then does the vehicle become an absolute eye-catcher. And the body kit alone was not enough. The Munich coupe also has a specially made one Cat-back sports exhaust system installed by Supersprint and of course we would like that too XXL wheelset mention. Namely, it was specially made for the project vehicle. Multi-part are installed BC Forged MLE61 wheels Forged wheels with stainless steel screw connections and polished surface that come with Toyo R888R slippers velvet white Tire stickers are equipped.

Brakes, rims, chassis & Co.

There is also one hidden behind the wheel set High-end sports braking system (Big Brake Kit) from Brembo with red painted brake calipers and perforated Brake discs front and back. The discs and pads are not from Brembo, but from StopTech. The changes we mentioned are only a small excerpt from what was done on the 8th.

Also worth mentioning are the new ones Steering wheel with 12 o'clock marking in the cabin or the new smaller ones Mirrors. The list could go on for a long time, but that would go beyond the scope. The following video explains the rest of the changes made. If we get more information, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply do ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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BMW 850Ci (E31) with Pandem widebody kit!
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