608PS & 800NM - This is the new BMW Alpina B5 G30 / G31

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This is the new BMW Alpina B5 G30 / G2017. BMW Alpina B5 G608 Turbo 800 Tuning 5 30PS & 31NM This is the new BMW Alpina BXNUMX GXNUMX / GXNUMX

You “can” but “don't have to” adapt to the new one BMW M5 F90 waiting! With a spectacular top speed of 330 km / h, the brand new BMW Alpina B5 G30 is now catching prey and is the alternative to the planned top model from Munich. It will celebrate its premiere on March 2017, 09.03.2017 at the Geneva Motor Show 5! The new Alpina B5 Biturbo is based on the recently introduced 30 Series G5 and those who don't want to wait for the next M5 will definitely be happy with the B5. The B63 is powered by the well-known N4,4 8-liter twin-turbo VXNUMX from the B7 and the performance is with 608 HP and a maximum torque of 800 Newton meters with the upper class 7 Series identical. So it is clear that the B5 does not want to avoid various duels with the M5. Just like the 7 Series, the Alpina sends the brute power of the V8 biturbo to all four wheels, which ensures superior traction and impressive performance.

⚠ Update 10.03.2017 - B5 Touring G31 below ⬇

This is the new BMW Alpina B5 G30 / G2017. BMW Alpina B4 G608 Turbo 800 Tuning 5 30PS & 31NM This is the new BMW Alpina BXNUMX GXNUMX / GXNUMX

If the road is dry, it goes to 3,5 km / h in just 100 seconds and the 200 mark breaks the comfortable limo after 11,4 seconds. No question that the B5 is at least on par with the RS6, E63 AMG & Co. and leaves them behind in terms of top speed, with 330 km / h. While the competition electronically puts a stop to the propulsion at 250km / h (optionally approx. 305km / h), the B5 is allowed to continue turning and is therefore in a league of its own. The Buchlo-based company ensures that the lateral dynamics are not neglected either with a high-tech chassis package. Thanks to rear-axle steering, roll stabilization or adaptive dampers, the 5 Series is more agile than ever. The Alpina-specific tuning also makes the difference and ensures that all components can be explored to the maximum ex works. But of course, long-distance comfort does not fall by the wayside either, because that has been the outstanding feature of Alpina vehicles compared to M models for decades.

⚠ below the debut in the video ⬇

This is the new BMW Alpina B5 G30 / G2017. BMW Alpina B1 G608 Turbo 800 Tuning 5 30PS & 31NM This is the new BMW Alpina BXNUMX GXNUMX / GXNUMX

Unlike the BMW 5 Series G30, Alpina makes it possible to use a Comfort Pro mode that pushes all components towards sovereignty and driving comfort. Even if the B5 has an additionally stiffened front end or a more powerful braking system, this is rather unimportant in this mode. Comfort Pro mode means cruising and in this chapter it will certainly land before the M counterpart. And in complete contrast to the Munich plans, Alpina will also offer the G31 as a B5 top model and thus have a unique selling point compared to the M5, which, like the F10, will most likely not be available as a Touring. But it may take some time before the B5 Touring G31 is presented and maybe the IAA 2017 is the right choice. The same applies to the potent diesel variant D5 whose appearance is a done deal, so the M550d should also have interesting competition. The best thing is to subscribe to our feed and if there is something new you will be informed immediately. We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures.

(Photos: Alpina)

These are the details of the BMW Alpina B5 G30:

  • Base: 5er G30
  • N63 4,4-liter biturbo V8
  • Performance 608 PS and 800 NM
  • 3,5 seconds to pace 100 km / h
  • 11,4 seconds to pace 200 km / h
  • Maximum 330 km/h
  • High-tech chassis package (rear axle steering, roll stabilization, adaptive dampers)
  • Comfort Pro mode
  • stiffened front end
  • more powerful brake system

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608PS & 800NM as an announcement to the M5

Update from "10.03.2017/XNUMX/XNUMX"


There is an interesting message for all fans of the BMW E34 M5 & E61 M5 Touring. No, the M-GmbH has not made it through to bring the current G31 Touring as an M variant 😑! But soon the BMW Alpina B5 Touring G31 will be officially available for purchase and with 608 PS & 800 NM torque it is on par with the future M5 sedan, but enjoys the advantage of being able to transport 1700l luggage without any problems. While there were no official pictures of the G3 B31 5 days ago, this has now changed and the first virtual pictures have appeared on the Alpina homepage. Not surprising is the fact that the key data of the Touring are almost identical to the sedan presented above. Specifically, the more practical version goes from 3,6 to 0 km / h in 100 seconds (0,1 seconds slower than the sedan) and the top speed ends here at an outstanding 325 km / h (5 km / h slower than that Limousine). These values ​​are still sufficient to declassify any standard M5 and with regard to the touring version, the future owners will probably continue to enjoy a special position.

  • BMW Alpina B5 Touring G31
  • 1.700 liters of boot volume but significant benefits in everyday life. On the performance, however, the more practical body shape hardly negatively affects, after all, the BMW Alpina B5 Touring also 608 PS on board - there affect
  • 100 kilograms more weight over the sedan
  • 3,6 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h
  • Maximum 325 km/h

Maybe there will soon be an update with information and pictures. If this is the case we will of course also put it online and inform you about it.

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