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Hybrid M-Power SUV with 750 PS: BMW Concept XM!

BMW Concept XM Tuning 2022 1

As part of Art Basel Miami Beach 2021, BMW M GmbH is presenting an expressive new vehicle concept to the global public for the first time: the BMW Concept XM. The model gives an outlook on the most powerful BMW M automobile ever built in series, the production of which will start at the end of next year. At the same time, the BMW Concept XM illuminates extraordinary aspects of the “M” brand: Electrification ensures an outstanding driving experience between almost noiseless gliding and M typical high-performance properties. The BMW Concept XM shows the new front design for the future luxury class from BMW for the first time. In addition, we see an enormously progressive and independent interpretation of the design of the BMW X models as well as a completely new form of luxury and a sense of space in the interior of the vehicle.

BMW Concept XM!

The series vehicle, the BMW XM, will be produced at the BMW Group's Spartanburg plant in the USA, the most important sales market for the new high-performance model, from the end of 2022. This marks the 50th anniversary of the BMW M GmbH's launch of the first independent model since the legendary BMW M1. The BMW XM will be available exclusively as an M and exclusively as a plug-in hybrid.

The striking external appearance stands for the outstanding performance properties: dynamism, agility and precision with an electric range of up to 80 kilometers. The newly developed M hybrid drive of the BMW Concept XM combines a V8 engine with a high-performance electric motor and generates a peak output of 550 kW / 750 PS and a maximum torque of 1.000 Nm. The first electrified vehicle from BMW M GmbH in the high-performance segment is thus pointing the way to the future of the brand.

“With the BMW Concept XM, we are completely reinterpreting the high-performance automobile segment. It underlines the ability of BMW M GmbH to break with conventional conventions and push boundaries in order to offer fans of the brand the ultimate driving experience. With the series model, the first pure BMW M since the legendary BMW M1, we are also making it clear how we will implement the electrification of our brand step by step, ”says Franciscus van Meel, Managing Director BMW M GmbH.

BMW M breaks new ground in the luxury segment.

With the BMW Concept XM, BMW M GmbH is treading its own path in the luxury segment. The exterior focuses on a strong presence and an extroverted charisma. In the interior, a special form of the M-specific driver orientation in the cockpit is combined with a completely redesigned rear: the M Lounge, with its comfortable seats and the illuminated, sculpturally designed headliner, offers a luxurious place to retreat to.

BMW Concept XM Tuning 2022 23

“The design of the BMW Concept XM is an extravagant statement from BMW M in the absolute luxury segment. It is uncompromisingly independent and embodies an expressive lifestyle like no other vehicle in the BMW portfolio, ”explains Domagoj Dukec, Head of BMW Design.

The vehicle front: progressive design for ultimate presence.

For the first time, the new, progressive front design for BMW models in the luxury class will be presented with the BMW Concept XM, which will be on display in the course of 2022 with the BMW model offensive in the luxury segment. The innovative division of the front lights into two separate modules ensures an expressive appearance. The daytime running light signature is particularly striking in the narrow, sharply drawn upper light module. The horizontally aligned BMW kidney grille, positioned between the headlights, narrows towards the outside and underlines the dynamic character of the front with its almost octagonal contour.

The black kidney elements are framed by a filigree kidney frame and seem to float almost freely in a high-gloss black surface. Inside the kidney, M typical double bars emphasize the width. Concise contour lighting effectively stages the kidney. This means that the distinctive unit of kidney and daytime running lights is immediately recognizable even in the dark. The new XM logo in the kidney, like the large air inlets, refers to the power of the V8 engine, which is active behind the radiator grille and, together with an electric drive, forms the M hybrid system.

M-specific details signal uncompromising performance.

The greenhouse of the BMW Concept XM rises vertically and emphasizes the present, stable impression of the front. The roof is set off in a contrasting color by black A-pillars. The windshield looks even flatter and gives the front a modern dynamic. Narrow LED searchlights are integrated into the roof area above the A-pillars. The strikingly shaped bonnet continues the kidney contour in the form of two power domes.

BMW Concept XM Tuning 2022 31

Two air inlets in the bonnet reflect the look of the LED searchlights in the roof and set a dynamic accent. The front apron surrounds the massive vehicle body with clear, black surfaces. On the outside, triangular blades in body color accentuate the vertical air inlets and emphasize the sporty, stable stance of the BMW Concept XM.

The side view: expression of pure dynamism.

The powerful, strongly contoured proportions of the BMW Concept XM underline its uncompromising independence and refer to the coupé character of the body. The present front, the long bonnet and the elongated roof line sloping towards the rear form a distinctive two-box design with an unmistakable silhouette. The window graphic becomes significantly narrower towards the rear and thus emphasizes the dynamism of the side view.

The characteristic lines are further emphasized by the two-tone paintwork of the BMW Concept XM. The upper area is matt gold bronze, the lower part of the vehicle is painted in space gray metallic. Below the window graphic, a wide, high-gloss black line - the "Black Belt" - separates the two exterior colors. The classic M exterior mirrors provide a clear, sporty-technical note. The loading flap behind the left front wheel refers to the M hybrid drive.

BMW Concept XM Tuning 2022 16

In the entire side view, deliberately short character lines underline the agility and modernity of the vehicle. They start out very prominently and then taper off smoothly. The expressive rear lights protrude far into the side and create a distinctive transition to the rear. The cladding, the typical BMW X black area above the wheels and in the side skirts, is clearly pronounced and visually enhances the body. The elongated body of the vehicle rests on 23-inch alloy wheels, which give the side view additional strength and stability.

The rear: powerful stature and newly interpreted design.

The design of the rear also emphasizes the powerful stature of the BMW Concept XM. At the same time, the vehicle looks flat and sporty from this perspective. The rear window is inserted almost seamlessly into the rear section. The reinterpretation of the design is also evident in the arrangement of the BMW logo, which is lasered onto the windshield below the two roof pillars. This is a formal reference to the BMW M1, the only independently and exclusively developed model by BMW M GmbH to date.

In the lower area of ​​the rear view, the wide flared wheel arches signal the powerful position on the road. This is also underlined by the very narrow rear lights in an expressive L-shape, which extend over almost the entire width of the rear. The lights themselves are designed as dark elements, from which a precise and homogeneous shade of red emerges only when activated. The double tailpipes of the exhaust system, which are characteristic of BMW M automobiles, dominate the rear apron. The two-sided and double-flow exhaust system reduces the back pressure for the V8 engine and also generates the typical M, emotionally strong drive sound that accompanies the impressive power delivery of the engine. The vertical arrangement and the hexagonal interpretation of the tailpipes revive this classic icon.

The interior design: high performance and extroverted luxury.

In the interior of the BMW Concept XM, the driving experience area shows the typical M interpretation of the driver-oriented cockpit design. The lines and the surface design of the dashboard, center console, door panels and seats give the ambience in the front seats a progressive note with a powerful geometry and high-quality materials. Brown leather with a vintage look, copper and carbon bridge the gap between luxury and motorsport. A strong decorative clasp clearly separates the driver's area from the rest of the vehicle.

Inside the cockpit, a decorative surface made of carbon with woven copper threads forms a sporty and exclusive base for displays, air vents and controls. In addition, the new advertising network with BMW Curved Display creates a harmonious balance between traditional driver orientation and modern digitality. Red accents on the steering wheel and the center console set M-specific signals of sportiness. The center of the center console is formed by three vertical elements in the three colors of the BMW M brand logo.

Generous and luxurious: the M Lounge.

The maximum driver orientation in the first row of seats contrasts with an extravagant and luxurious lounge atmosphere in the rear of the BMW Concept XM. Special materials, expressive surfaces and expressive details make the rear row of seats a unique M Lounge. The black-tinted rear side windows underline the private character of the fund. While the warm brown of the leather predominates in the driver's area, the rear area is kept in rich petrol.

BMW Concept XM Tuning 2022 27

The large back seat invites you to relax with deep seat hollows. Only the diamond-shaped area of ​​the headrests is made of leather. It offers the support you are used to from a BMW M sports seat. Underneath, a comfortable seating area with an exclusive couch look unfolds in luxurious velvet with diamond-shaped quilting. On the floor, a high-pile carpet with a diamond pattern continues the exclusive impression.

Illuminated and sculptural: the headliner.

The optical highlight in the interior is the roof liner with a three-dimensional prism structure. With indirect and direct lighting, this element looks like a relief that stages the headliner as an exclusive work of art. Together with the ambient lighting, this element sets the scene for the combination of luxury and comfort with maximum expressiveness. The ambient light of the BMW Concept XM can be selected in the three BMW M colors.

BMW Concept XM Tuning 2022 28

BMW Curved Display with M-specific user interface.

Based on the latest generation of the BMW iDrive, the M-specific version of the control system translates the high-performance character of the BMW Concept XM into the digital world. The user interface optimally supports the sporty driving experience and is presented in the three characteristic M colors. It shows both the modes of the hybrid drive and the purely electric driving mode in a particularly aesthetic way. The BMW Curved Display brings out the unique design to its best advantage and offers a view of the user interface, which in future will contribute to intensifying the driving experience in all BMW M models.


  • The BMW Concept XM is expressive new vehicle concept: an uncompromising BMW M with a distinctive BMW X design language.
  • The BMW Concept XM shows this for the first time new, progressive front design for the future luxury class from BMW. The focus is on the narrow icons of daytime running lights and the concise contour lighting of the kidney.
  • The production vehicle that BMW XM, will be available from the end of 2022 at the BMW Group plant in Spartanburg in the USA, the most important sales market for the new high-performance model, produced.
  • With this, BMW M GmbH is bringing the first to its 50th anniversary exclusive M model since the legendary BMW M1 on the streets.
  • The BMW XM will first electrified automobile in the high-performance segment within the BMW M product portfolios be. It will only be available as an M Hybrid.
  • The newly developed M hybrid drive combines a V8 engine with a high-performance electric motor and generates a peak output of 550 kW / PS 750 as well as a maximum torque of 1.000 Nm.
  • The powertrain makes for a purely electric range of up to 80 kilometers. This means that the first electrified vehicle from BMW M GmbH in the high-performance segment shows the Path for the future of the M.
  • Vehicle design: Brave, robust and new - that characterful design of the BMW Concept XM is a highly emotional statement that goes beyond all norms and conventions.
  • Exterior design: The expressive exterior draws an expressive silhouette full of presence. The strikingly modeled surfaces and the extravagant lines create a unique design language.
  • Inner space: With exclusive materials and the luxurious "M Lounge" In the rear, the interior reflects the new character of the BMW Concept XM. The special highlight is the sculptural, illuminated headliner, which gives the spacious rear area extravagance.

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The BMW Concept XM - power and luxury beyond all conventions
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