BMW CSL prototypes: M3 CSL V8 E46, M5 CSL E60, M6 CSL E63, M2 CSL F87!

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BMW CSL prototypes M3 CSL V8 E46 M5 CSL E60 M6 CSL E63

To celebrate M-GmbH’s 50th birthday, BMW released a few special “CSL prototypes' which until now has been a well-kept secret. With a special video guide (Video further down in the post) the secret M-Garage reveals a few CSL vehiclesthat never made it into mass production. One starts BMW M3 CSL V8 from 2003 based on the E46 generation. At the time it was either 343 PS strong (normal M3) or as CSL with 360 little horse blessed. Of course, the CSL was also much lighter than the normal M3. But with one V8 engine The CSL never existed ex works or as a production vehicle. But we don't know exactly what kind of engine it is. Because in the video one speaks of both the S62 engine from the former M5 (E39) and a special variant of the S65 S65VB40 from the later M3 (E90, E92).

430 hp BMW M3 CSL V8

Either way, the BMW M3 CSL V8 prototype is supposed to 430 PS to have been strong and that is why he was equipped not with the SMG III, but with the Dual-clutch transmission by Getrag from the E90 and E92. And in our opinion, this fact also speaks for the engine from the M3 E90/E92. Visually, however, it is clearly the S62 engine. No matter! Optical differences compared to the series CSL were actually only due to the second round air intake in the front apron. And it continued with a special M5.

The M5 CSL based on the E60 has a Carbon roof and a few other measures weight Loss installed and a fundamentally revised V10. The high-speed engine (S85) was on 5,7-liter capacity expanded and the maximum speed has also been increased to a crazy 9.000 rpm. The performance should be on tight 630 PS increased, combined with the unmistakable screech of the V10. The soundscape was combined with a special one Carbon airbox. And he got that too DKG from the M3 E90/E92.

M3 CSL V8 E46, M5 CSL E60, M6 CSL E63

And the last vehicle "with explanation" from the current video from M-GmbH is a M6 CSL of the E63 series, whose focus is on a changed aerodynamics lay. Active aerodynamics with fold-out are specifically installed on the coupe rear spoiler, retractable front splitter and there were new ones M exterior mirror with a double bridge, which can be seen on the current M models. And at the very end there will be another M2 CSL (F87) shown. It's even more extreme than the CS model, but also has its 3-liter, twin-turbocharged six-cylinder engine and 450 PS and 550 Nm.

As a CSL prototype, it also has some elements of the M4 GTS such as an adjustable one Carbon rear spoiler with red lacquered 3D-printed feet included, but those are missing backseat and it is a Roll bar installed. In addition, there was Bucket seats, a Carbon-ceramic brakes and Carbon center console. Pictures of it below. Should M-GmbH publish more videos – and that's what you intend to do – then of course there is an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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BMW CSL Prototypes: M3 CSL V8 E46
Photo credits: Screenshots BMW YouTube video
BMW CSL prototypes: M5 CSL E60
BMW CSL prototypes: M6 CSL E63
BMW CSL Prototypes: M2 CSL (F87)
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