BMW E23 (3 series) widebody with M5 V10 engine!

BMW E23 3 series widebody M5 V10 engine 1

Today there is again a purebred Frankenstein vehicle for you! In other words, a car that is so wild that in this case it's not just as Restomod must be titled, but as an absolute conversion monster. Because much more was done here than just stuffing a modern engine into a classic. Specifically, an absurdly large, powerful engine was put into a relatively tiny car. The basis for the conversion was an old BMW three of the E21 generation, which is actually not as popular in the tuning scene as the E30. But it is a perfect example of how "EVERY" vehicle can become an eye-catcher. Because the 3er actually got the V10 from the E60 M5 LCI. The first thing you notice about the project, which by the way is currently for sale, is the eye-catching Body kit.

BMW E23 with M5 V10

The kit consists of a widened front bumper and massive fender flares pulled outwards. Only the rear apron seems to be mostly standard and is only adapted to the extensions on both sides. The vehicle also has E60 M5 black rims, there was one sports brake system with perforated discs and a slightly unsuitable one rear wing on the trunk lid. All around the trim strips are also painted black (some are missing) and the bonnet has quick release. But in addition to the striking look, the real eye-catcher is of course the V10 engine in the bow. As already mentioned, under the bonnet is the 5.0 liter from the E60 M5, which according to the item description has been tuned to 608 PS / 447 kW (series 507 PS & 373 kW).

BMW E23 3 series widebody M5 V10 engine 4

It is questionable whether the performance specification should be believed. Because the V10 is a pure sucker and with a "conventional" Naturally aspirated engine tuning an increase of 100 hp is certainly difficult to achieve. The modifications mentioned are one Sports exhaust system and Chip tuning software (ECU remap), which certainly, but not alone, make the considerable additional performance possible. And extremely remarkable is the fact that the E21 not only has the engine, but also that Interior of the E60 M5 got.

the interior also comes from the E60 M5

BMW E23 3 series widebody M5 V10 engine 3

Complete front and rear wheel suspension, diffuser, all ABS, DSC, EDC systems, Logic7 sound system, engine bearings replaced with ACL, Stage 2 B&C, exhaust without catalytic converters

A lot goes into the conversion in the cabin, starting with the dashboard and the instrument cluster to the center console with the SMG gear lever. And if you could somehow block the E60 door panels, then the cabin would have been really successful, we think. Anyone interested in the vehicle can buy the unfinished V10-E21 on for €49.000. If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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BMW E23 (3 series) widebody with M5 V10 engine!
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