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BMW E30 Touring (3 Series) with 2,8-liter M52 six-cylinder!

BMW E30 Touring (3 Series) with 2,8-liter M52 six-cylinder!

In this country, the BMW E30 Touring (3 Series) is still a real rarity in the USA. But that makes him all the more interesting. And with a mix of European engineering and exclusive upgrades, this particular model from the pictures is sure to grab the attention of automotive enthusiasts. Because the car, which was only imported from the Netherlands a few months ago, has a number of adjustments that make it stand out from the crowd. If one can even speak of "a mass" in view of the low quantities.

BMW E30 Touring with M52

The E20's original M2,0 30-litre engine was replaced with a more powerful one 2,8-liter M52 six-cylinder replaced. The engine is probably from an E36 328i, an E39 528i or an E38 728i and in its prime offered around 190 hp. That's a significant increase over the original 120hp of the M30-engined E20 Touring. More importantly, the torque has been increased from around 164 Nm to a hefty 280 Nm through the conversion.

Besides the engine upgrade, the E30 has also received some other improvements. These include new sport suspension, brakes from an E34 540i, retrofitted air conditioning, M-Tech II style bumpers and stylish 17-inch alloy wheels. The upgrades not only ensure an improved driving experience, but also give the vehicle a unique, but by no means flashy look.

Equipment that makes the hearts of enthusiasts beat faster

And this E30 Touring was already equipped with a few details ex works that will inspire every E30 enthusiast. These include a power sunroof, power windows all round, an M-Tech I steering wheel, heated sports seats with leather upholstery and a large on-board computer - cutting-edge technology for the time. In summary, this E30 Touring is a dream vehicle that impresses with its careful restoration and engine conversion.

With a rare presence on American roads and extra power, it's undoubtedly a vehicle that will delight both driver and spectator. And the best: the car is up for auction and is therefore a good opportunity to own a piece of automotive history. If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

BMW E30 Touring (3 Series) with 2,8-liter M52 six-cylinder!

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BMW E30 Touring (3 Series) with 2,8-liter M52 six-cylinder!

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BMW E30 Touring (3 Series) with 2,8-liter M52 six-cylinder!

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BMW E30 Touring (3 Series) with 2,8-liter M52 six-cylinder!

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BMW E30 Touring (3 Series) with 2,8-liter M52 six-cylinder!
A masterpiece of engine conversion: BMW E30 Touring with 2,8-liter M52 six-cylinder!
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