Crossing the road: the BMW i7 is drifting on the Arctic Circle!

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BMW i7 Erlkoenig Drift Tuning 1 Already driving across the road: the BMW i7 is drifting on the Arctic Circle!

The BMW Group is accelerating the transformation to electromobility by consistently expanding its range to include other vehicle segments. In the course of the coming year, the Munich-based premium car manufacturer will be presenting the world's first purely electrically powered luxury sedan: the BMW i7. As part of its series development process, the BMW i7 is currently undergoing driving dynamics testing on the premises of the BMW Group's winter test center in Arjeplog, Sweden. There, just a few kilometers from the Arctic Circle, the test engineers find ideal conditions for the integrated application of all drive and chassis systems on ice surfaces and snow-covered roads.

BMW i7 drifts in the Arctic Circle!

BMW i7 Erlkoenig Drift Tuning 7 Already driving across the road: the BMW i7 is drifting on the Arctic Circle!

With the test program in the freezing cold, they pave the way for a reinterpretation of luxurious driving pleasure. For the first time, the maximum dynamism, comfort and sovereignty typical of BMW can be experienced in the luxury class without any local emissions. The chassis components, steering and braking, driving dynamics and driving stability systems developed for the future generation of the BMW 7 Series are designed to take the balance between sportiness and travel comfort that is characteristic of the brand's luxury sedans to the next level. This also includes a coordination of wheel suspension, suspension, damping and various control systems based on the performance characteristics of the various drive types, which is achieved in Arjeplog during intensive test drives under extreme external conditions.

The test engineers find the perfect conditions for this in the winter landscape of Lapland. When driving on the snow-covered routes around Arjeplog, you can check and optimize all functions under extremely challenging conditions, so that the result is an absolutely coherent and typical BMW driving experience. In addition, they use the test areas laid out on frozen lakes with their low road friction coefficients to fine-tune the chassis control systems. The application of the steering is fine-tuned, as are the numerous functions of Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) and the precisely controlled interaction between the friction brake and the deceleration by means of recuperation.

The focus is on the electric drive

The winter test program also pays special attention to the components of the purely electric drive system. The electric drive, high-voltage battery, power electronics and charging technology of the BMW i7 come from the fifth generation of BMW eDrive technology, which already ensures sustainable driving pleasure in the BMW iX. At extremely sub-zero temperatures in northern Sweden, the engine, the battery and the temperature control of the high-voltage battery in the BMW i7 demonstrate their high level of maturity.

With the BMW i7, the brand's latest model offensive in the luxury segment is being continued in a particularly progressive manner. For the first time, the characteristics of a luxury sedan, which are characterized by elegance, driving comfort and sovereignty, can also be experienced without any restrictions in connection with a purely electric drive. The BMW i7 is based on the same vehicle concept as all other model variants of the next generation of the BMW 7 Series. This integrated development guarantees the characteristic unity of both sporty and comfort-oriented driving characteristics as well as the exclusive spatial comfort of a luxury sedan from BMW, even with locally emission-free driving.

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Endurance test on ice and snow: the BMW i7 in dynamic driving tests on the Arctic Circle.
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