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BMW confirms electrified M vehicle for 2021!

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electrified BMW M vehicle EV Tuning e1611234337822 BMW confirms electrified M vehicle for 2021!

The M4 Cabriolet from BMW is coming this year! That much is certain. But there is a surprise. Because the first comes too electrified M model on the street. Between the excellent sales figures recently published by M GmbH in 2020, the announcement of the new model came across as rather unspectacular. Some fans already anticipated the reveal. The people of Munich brought the news more or less last December hidden out. Packed in the marketing film, in the fictional "M Town", the E92 M3 pickup his admittedly short appearance with a sticker on which "26 2021" stands. This was probably the indication of the official date of the unveiling of the new M model. Who wants to know exactly here is the video. At 1:22 minute you can see a mechanic setting up a charging station M-Power lettering and in the video you can see Minute 1: 20 even briefly G81 BMW M3 Touring. But back to the e-runabout: In the 26. week des jahres 2021 probably the covers fall in the period from 28. June to 4. July.

electrified BMW M vehicle EV Tuning 1 e1611234395599 BMW confirms electrified M vehicle for 2021!

There is not a word to be found in the BMW press release about the identity of the car. There is only one thing: "In the course of 2021, BMW M GmbH will present a performance car with an electrified drive for the first time.“From these words it is not clear whether the new one M a pure electric car is or whether it is a Hybrid acts. Some think it is M variant from i4 others think BMW will become one X8 M Hybrid to introduce. Whichever car is shown at the end, the electrified M-car will be at the same time as the new one M4 Cabriolet come on the market, as it appears from the message. It will be a little longer with that M3 Touring last. Before the year 2022, the station wagon will be can not be come on the market.

BMW M3 G81 Touring Tuning 2021 BMW confirms electrified M vehicle for 2021!

The debut of the M5 CS planned. So to speak, he becomes that Over-5s with much Power be less Weight: and a pretty confident price. The last thing to report is that the first all-wheel drive versions of the M3 and M4 models will be launched in summer 2021. And the fans of the M GmbH can look forward to 2021, because for the company's 50th birthday, there will certainly be one or two unexpected surprises, as M boss Markus Flasch announced. Look forward to some special models!

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BMW M2 Cup DTM 2021 2 310x165 BMW confirms electrified M vehicle for 2021!

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BMW M5 F90 prototype 310x165 BMW confirms electrified M vehicle for 2021!

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