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25 years BMW M5 E60 V10 600 PS Tuning 2009 3

600 PS in the BMW M5 with a fantastic V10 - S85B50 high-speed engine? It never officially existed! Only the special model of an M2009 sedan built in 5 was allowed to enjoy this increase in performance on the 25th anniversary of the model series. To be seen in the video from minute 2:25.

600 PS BMW M5 E60 V10

BMW E39 M5 Touring

In contrast to the E34 and the E60, the E39 series did not include an M model. But there is actually a ready-to-drive copy in the sacred halls of M-GmbH. A silver-gray E39 Touring with S62B50 - V8 and 400 PS & 500 NM torque. The high-speed station wagon was presented for the first time at the anniversary event for the 25th birthday of the M5. The reasons that this vehicle did not go into series production at that time were problems with the rear axle and the resulting poor driving dynamics for M conditions.

BMW M5 Convertible (E34)

The E34 series of the BMW 5 series never had a convertible in its range. Who would have come up with the idea that there would be an E34 M5 convertible? But that is exactly the case! Here, too, the 25th birthday of the M5 series was a reason for the presentation of the study. The highlight of the conversion: 2 extended doors and of course an M-engine. However, we do not know whether the 315 PS S38B36 or the later 340 PS S38B38 is installed.

BMW E46 M3 Touring with S54 power

And he too was ready for production! The BMW E46 M3 Touring with the legendary 3,2 liter S54 high-speed six-cylinder. But even this combination concept of the former figurehead of the M-GmbH had no chance on the series. The base of the 3er Touring would definitely have been suitable for the 343 PS conversion but here the gloomy sales figures were probably the deciding reason to never build the 3 M3 Touring.

BMW E92 M3 Targa pick-up with 420 PS V8

A BMW M model in which the payload is in the foreground! With 420 hp and a payload of 450 kilograms, this model was specially made for April 1st. Racing-oriented driving pleasure and suitability for everyday use have never been so well combined under the umbrella of M-GmbH. But never in series. The loading area was lined with aluminum and could easily hold 20 golf bags. We do not know whether this vehicle was ever used as a workshop transport vehicle for BMW M GmbH as planned.

1986 BMW E30 M3 pick-up

And another “useful” M3. In 1986 this M3 was also converted into a practical pick-up and originally the vehicle was supposed to be used to transport components and tools from A to B. He did that for an incredible 28 years until it was restored. The highlight is of course the S14 B23 (S14Z) four-cylinder with 2,3 l displacement and a whopping 195 PS which accelerated the pick-up to 7,5 km / h in about 100 seconds. Incidentally, the E30 was created on the body of the 3-series convertible. But there were no fenders on display here.

Le Mans V12 / 550 PS - BMW E31 M8 Coupe

Also this prototype has never made it to the series! Only once was built this BMW M8 (E31) with modified V12 M70 engine in this E31 M8 got the name S70. Officially, the 550 PS are not, but the rumor mill was probably very close. There was rear-wheel drive, a six-speed manual transmission, an acceleration of about 5 seconds at 100 km / h and a top speed of over 300 km / h. In addition, compared to the standard E31, a significantly modified bumper front and rear, widened jaws including air vents, tiny exterior mirrors and special alloy wheels.

crazy BMW Z3 V12 with 750i engine

Behind the scenes there was also this crazy BMW Z3 with V12 engine from the BMW 7 series at the time. The one-off was painted in a striking orange and impressively shows that somehow they managed to squeeze the huge engine into the small Z3. In terms of longitudinal dynamics, it was certainly a competitor to the Z3 M Roadster. It should be clear that the light two-seater with the engine is very top-heavy. Certainly one of the reasons that this combination never went into series production.

BMW X5 E53 with V12 Le Mans engine

One of the craziest projects was definitely the BMW X5 Le Mans (E53) which is already a celebrity thanks to many TV appearances. This vehicle is also unique. The Le Mans prototype V12 LMR engine was installed here, which even had significantly more power than in the super sports car. In Le Mans you had to drive with an air restrictor, which gave the V12 "only" 580 hp, in the X5 it was allowed to breathe freely with 700 hp. An exhaust system was even developed for road traffic, which acoustically differs significantly from the racing model. While everything outside was relatively subtle, the interior in particular has been radically changed. A carbon bucket seat for the driver, no airbags and the back seat has been removed. This SUV bullet was designed for the racetrack. And, one too BMW E36 M3 Compact as "Pocket Rocket" there was.

(Photos: BMW)

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