Evolve Automotive - BMW M2 F87 with GTS style bonnet

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Evolve Automotive BMW F87 M2 GTS CFD Tuning 16 Evolve Automotive BMW M2 F87 with GTS Style bonnet

The good news is BMW will bring a M2 GTS, the bad news, That will not be right before the end of next year! Also not really reliable specifications of the particularly sporty offshoot of the M2 are known. It should be clear that the current 3,0-liter turbo in-line six-cylinder will probably gain around 400 hp and will also lose significantly in weight thanks to many carbon aerodynamic parts, lightweight aluminum rims and radical changes such as the expansion of the rear seat. However, if you are in a particularly hurry, you can already own an M2 with GTS airs. The England based company Evolve Automotive has in cooperation with Carbon Fiber Dynamics At the Essen Motor Show, a project vehicle was introduced that is already very close to the planned GTS. Visually, he makes M2 instantly recognizable to whom he wants to emulate, of course BMW M4 GTS!

Edison Composites Carbon Bonnet - GTS Style

Evolve Automotive BMW F87 M2 GTS CFD Tuning 5 Evolve Automotive BMW M2 F87 with GTS Style bonnet

In terms of optics, in particular, the vehicle was equipped as it could come from the Bavarian factory. The front of the M2 is adorned with a three-part RKP front lip which ensures that the brakes receive more cooling air and the contact pressure on the front axle increases. At the rear, too, the M2 gets significantly more contact pressure than at the rear there is a large GTS-style rear wing from Edison Composites, which keeps the sporty coupé much richer on the road and optically fits the RKP carbon diffuser perfectly. A highlight is definitely the Edison Composites carbon bonnet in GTS style, which gives the front a more aggressive appearance and saves 9kg in weight. Even complex changes such as replacing the roof (-5kg) did not stop and so the M2 got a roof that is made entirely of carbon and also comes from Edison Composites. Of course, such a complex project also includes a decent increase in performance, here too Evolve Automotive relies on in-house components. By means of a downpipe, chip tuning, a high-quality carbon Kevlar intake system and a specially developed stainless steel exhaust system, the F87 now delivers a whopping 401PS & 610Nm of torque and also meets the requirements of a M2 GTS harbinger.

Edison Composites Carbon Rear Wing - GTS Style

Evolve Automotive BMW F87 M2 GTS CFD Tuning 10 Evolve Automotive BMW M2 F87 with GTS Style bonnet

Finally, of course, the suspension setup also has to be revised, the tuner used a Bilstein B16 coilover kit that ensures that the new 6Sixty forged wheels, in 19 inches, with your Toyo Tires Proxes R888 semislicks tires sit precisely in the wheel arch. If you look closely at the pictures you can see that behind the rims there is a BMW ceramic brake system with golden brake calipers that provides the necessary negative acceleration. An absolutely breathtaking vehicle that is definitely an alternative for all those who do not want to wait until the official release of the M2 GTS. If we get more information about other modifications to the M2, there is of course, as always, an update for this post. The best thing is to subscribe to our feed and if there is something new you will be informed immediately. We hope you enjoy looking at the photos.

(Photos: CFD GmbH - Carbonfiber Dynamics)

These are the changes to the BMW M2 F87 Coupe:

  • Engine & Performance:
    - Evolve downpipe
    - Evolve exhaust system
    - Evolve software optimization
    - Eventuri Carbon Kevlar intake system
    - Bilstein B16 coilovers
    - BMW ceramic brake system
    - Performance: 401 PS / 610 Nm
  •  Changes outside- Edison Composite Carbon Bonnet - GTS Style
    - Edison Composite Carbon Rear Wing - GTS Style
    - Edison Composites Carbon roof
    - RKP carbon front lip
    - RKP carbon diffuser
  •  Wheel / tire setup- 6Sixty forged wheels in 19 inches
    - Toyo Tires Proxes R888 Semislicks (front = 245 / 35 / R19; rear = 265 / 35 / R19)

We still have many thousands more photo stories on tuningblog.eu, if you wanted to see an excerpt then just click HERE, And also CFD GmbH (Carbonfiber Dynamics) we have some other vehicles, following a small excerpt:

BMW F82 M4R with cool roof box by Carbonfiber Dynamics

BMW F82 M4R Roof Box Carbonfiber Dynamics Tuning 1 310x165 Evolve Automotive BMW M2 F87 with GTS Style bonnet

3D Design Bodykit on the 830PS BMW M5 F10 from CFD Tuning

3D Design Carbon Bodykit BMW M5 F10 CFD Tuning Fire Orange Vossen VFS 1 25 1 e1470456553827 310x165 Evolve Automotive BMW M2 F87 with GTS Style bonnet

EDISON COMPOSITES Carbon Parts on the BMW M4 F82

EDISON COMPOSITES Carbon Parts BMW M4 F82 CFD GmbH 3 1 e1458105529694 310x165 Evolve Automotive BMW M2 F87 with GTS Style bonnet

Hood & spoiler stand out

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