BMW M2 Hatchback - a mighty 1 Series with V8 biturbo!

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BMW M2 Hatchback Project Exposure V8 Header BMW M2 Hatchback a powerful 1 Series with V8 Biturbo!

There are already many tuning creations from the 1-series BMW (F20) and some of them are also with one Engine swap Mistake. But this 1 series with the project name Project exposure is something very special because he is the Front section of the M2 owns, and one more V8 biturbo wears under the hood. Originally, this BMW was once a 2015 BMW M135i xDrive and made 306 hp from one Line six-cylinder with turbocharging. A German tuner who is called Mr. Muhammet has fulfilled his dream with this project, and has his very own Daily Driver created, which houses a V8 biturbo, which is normally in the X5 M or X6 M does its job. Even The gear was taken from an X6 M to make sure that it can withstand the enormous torque. But let's get to the exterior of the M2 hatchback.

The best of both worlds!

BMW M2 Hatchback Project Exposure V8 Tuning 8 BMW M2 Hatchback a powerful 1 Series with V8 Biturbo!

From the front it can no longer be seen that it was once a M135i xDrive, since the entire front is in the M2 style is rebuilt. The practical hatchback with the large tailgate and the easily accessible and variable trunk, however, was retained, which is why this BMW rightly got the name M2 hatchback wearing. Next became a KW Variant 3 coilover kit built in to make the car even lower and more martial on the road. A carbon bonnet with an air scoop was installed and the entire front mimics that M2 Competition. The standard rear bumper was replaced by a DIY model replaced, which is made by Mr. Muhammet himself. Even the rear axle is completely removed, and by one BMW M4 rear axle replaced. They also come from the BMW M4 Carbon ceramic brake discs, which should ensure fabulous delay values. The rims that belong to this probably unique project are BMW M double spoke M437 aluminum in 19-inch format, which immediately catch the eye with their double-spoke design and glossy black finish, and harmonize perfectly with the silver finish.

Engine swap and more on the drive train!

BMW M2 Hatchback Project Exposure V8 Tuning 2 BMW M2 Hatchback a powerful 1 Series with V8 Biturbo!

As already described above, the standard N55 in-line six-cylinder turbo gasoline engine from durch S63B44T2 V8 biturbo gasoline engine from the X5 M and the X6 M, which turns the little BMW into a very special automobile. The exhaust system without OPF also comes from the M2 Competitionwhich makes the sound breathtaking. According to the tuner, one is also planned Stage 2 chip tuning and a new one Intake, whereby the output of the already more than 550 HP strong engine should be driven even further. A good 700 hp shouldn't be a problem. The driving performance of the bolide in compact format is already out of this world, there is one Amount of power on proportionately little weight hits, because such a 1 Series BMW brings little more than 1400 kg on the scales. V8 or not! With this two it should be child's play to chase a Porsche from the left lane, or various Quarter mile race to win.

Our conclusion on the M2 Hatchback:

BMW M2 Hatchback Project Exposure V8 Tuning 11 BMW M2 Hatchback a powerful 1 Series with V8 Biturbo!

In our eyes this is it perfect symbiosis sportiness and everyday practicality paired with an extremely successful look. Is likely Mr. Muhammad at every BMW meeting (deal) the absolute star, because the world has probably never seen such a 1 series. As far as we can judge, everything is made and refined in a highly professional manner, without that the 1er even rudimentary Craft shop and Fair tuning looks. Having an idea is that to implement them that Other. If you are interested in this car, you can have a look at our picture gallery, which we have attached to the text below. If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Photos: f20_v8biturbo

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Project Exposure BMW M2 Hatchback with V8 Biturbo!

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