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Extreme part - BMW M3 E30 LTO designed by Khyzyl Saleem!

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BMW M3 E30 LTO Fabspeed Kyza Tuning 12 Extreme part BMW M3 E30 LTO with design by Khyzyl Saleem!

The renderings of Khyzyl Saleem alias The Kyza are now legendary in the tuning scene. His unusual and absolutely detailed design templates, which are sometimes as far away from the production vehicle as the earth is from the moon, are becoming increasingly popular with the mostly young and car-enthusiastic audience, and so the Render-Rembrandt has already made a name for itself in the tuning scene. And the designs always arrive in reality, and so for example a while ago VW Golf II commissioned by tuning pope JP Kraemer and the boys from Prior Design based on a template by Khyzyl Saleem. But that was not the beginning, because at the Essen Motor Show in 2019 and the then Las Vegas SEMA show a BMW M3 E30 with LTO body kit was presented, which bore the signature of The Kyza and virtually the predecessor of the recently presented LTO E30 Touring .

A show car that steals the show from everyone.

BMW M3 E30 LTO Fabspeed Kyza Tuning 16 Extreme part BMW M3 E30 LTO with design by Khyzyl Saleem!

A BMW M3 E30 has long since matured into a coveted classic, and has been able to strip away the proletarian image of yore, since today you can hardly see any original pieces that have not been tampered with, and these have also increased considerably in terms of value. As is well known, not many E30 M3 models survived, because many of them were partially rebuilt by their owners, which also gave the car a sometimes miserable Proll image, which is still inherent in the M3 models of the newer generations. If there are so few well-preserved copies of a model, then the question is inevitably whether one should really use such a copy as a tuning object. The Kyza thought that it didn't matter and presented a BMW M3 E30 with the first LTO body kit in Europe built by FabSpeed ​​Motorsport and V.SLD Industries. This body kit from the Japanese manufacturer Live to Offend = LTO lives up to the name of the tuning company and is the opposite of subtle.

Interior cleared fairly empty

BMW M3 E30 LTO Fabspeed Kyza Tuning 14 Extreme part BMW M3 E30 LTO with design by Khyzyl Saleem!

No matter whether the rear spoiler is the size of a cat scratching post, the extreme fender flares or the front spoiler in the Bosozoku style, there is guaranteed to be nothing subtle on this M3. Inside, everything is geared towards racing, as both a roll cage has been installed and all superfluous ingredients have been removed in favor of maximum weight savings. So the car is almost complete stripped and even the parcel shelf was completely removed. Extreme drop center rims with golden paint and a shiny chrome tread were also mounted, which in themselves would be an absolute highlight on any car. No matter where this car can be seen, it immediately attracts everyone's attention from young and old and this BMW would be the undisputed star of the event at every tuning meeting.

with E46 M3 engine and CSL airbox

BMW M3 E30 LTO Fabspeed Kyza Tuning 10 Extreme part BMW M3 E30 LTO with design by Khyzyl Saleem!

The first M3 generation, which not only founded the M3 myth, but was also developed as a homologation model for the DTM, carried a 2,3-liter four-cylinder petrol engine under the hood, which produced between 195 HP and 215 HP. From today's perspective, the maximum torque would be extremely poor, since it was just between 230 and 240 Newton meters. Due to the low weight of only 1200 kg, it was still a driving machine of the purest water, which allowed spectacular drifts with rear-wheel drive, and still allows today if you put it on it. The top speed of the M3 E30 is between 228 and 241 km / h. These are still very respectable values ​​even today, considering that this model celebrated its premiere at the 1985 Frankfurt Motor Show. Incidentally, this example has an E46 M3 engine with a CSL airbox under the hood and not the S14 four-cylinder.

A probably unsellable one-off.

BMW M3 E30 LTO Fabspeed Kyza Tuning 18 Extreme part BMW M3 E30 LTO with design by Khyzyl Saleem!

You probably won't be able to buy this M3, which LTO and The Kyza put together for the Essen Motor Show, because it apparently remains an unsaleable one-off. Should you still dream of such an M3, we can only recommend you to look at the picture gallery at the end of the article or to send an inquiry to LTO whether a body kit for the E30 is currently available. If we receive timely information about further changes to the LTO M3, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Further details on the BMW M3 E30 LTO:

  • built by FabSpeed ​​Motorsport and V.SLD Industries (@ v.sld_industries)
  • Warsteiner inspired foiling from SN Exclusive in Hünfeld (Hessen)
  • first car in Europe with Kyza design
  • "Live to offend" version 1 prototype body kit in DTM style with tank nozzle at the rear (Twin Fuel Cell Filler)
  • painted interior
  • huge double-decker rear wing
  • E46 M3 engine with CSL airbox
  • revised Alcantara dashboard
  • Alcantara sports steering wheel with quick release and 12 o'clock marking
  • Alcantara covered roll cage
  • Bucket seats
  • Side sill
  • CAE switch
  • Messer Wheels center lock rims (multi-part)
  • Air jack jack
  • Sports brake system with perforated and slotted brake discs
  • Air Lift Performance struts with thread and air management

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Video: BMW E46 S54-M3 engine in the E30 M3 classic

BMW E46 S54 M3 Motor Swap E30 M3 Tuning 32 310x165 Extreme part BMW M3 E30 LTO with design by Khyzyl Saleem!

30 years too late - world premiere of the BMW E30 M3 V8 Touring Coupe

Weltpr% C3% A4miere BMW E30 M3 V8 Touring Coupe 2 310x165 Extreme part BMW M3 E30 LTO with design by Khyzyl Saleem!

Moving Artwork - BMW E30 M3 from tuner Vilner

BMW E30 M3 Vilner Tuning S50B32 BBS RK 22 310x165 Extreme part BMW M3 E30 LTO with design by Khyzyl Saleem!

BMW M3 E30 LTO with design by "The Kyza".

BMW M3 E30 LTO Fabspeed Kyza Tuning 12 Extreme part BMW M3 E30 LTO with design by Khyzyl Saleem!

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Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 Extreme part BMW M3 E30 LTO with design by Khyzyl Saleem!

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