BMW M3 E36 from Pandem - the yellow joy of driving.

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BMW M3 E36 Pandem widebody header BMW M3 E36 from Pandem the yellow joy of driving.

The BMW M3 E36 has unfortunately partially earned a very dubious reputation. As a proletarian cart, which is suitable for autoposer at the McDonald's parking lot, he is now fighting more and more against his image, which is slowly but steadily improving as he matures into a classic over time. There are not many untampered specimens anymore, because a lot of young tuning fans have made tinker stalls out of the M3 models long ago, which are also to blame for the fact that the image of the M3 has sometimes suffered so extremely. But now we come to this extraordinary copy of Pandem / Rocket Bunny, which is painted in yellow, and has an extensive kit of the Japanese cult tuning company.

This BMW M3 E36 immediately catches the eye!

BMW M3 E36 Pandem Widebody Tuning 16 BMW M3 E36 from Pandem the yellow joy of driving.

This M3 E36 stands out immediately, not only because of the wide construction kit, but also because of the extremely deep Accuair air suspension with e-level control and the black Rotiform rims. The yellow paint is certainly not everyone's taste and takes some getting used to, but it was also available as a standard color (Dakar yellow) from BMW, and it was not that rare. The shiny black rims, on the other hand, are a bit complementary to the yellow exterior color, but the color combination should be particularly well received by BVB fans ^^. Nevertheless, this perfectly maintained specimen stands out, which was very strikingly, but tastefully tuned, like a new car, and you might think that the time seems to have stopped. At the rear, the ducktail spoiler stands out, which makes the M3 an eye-catcher, although it is certainly not without controversy among BMW fans, just like the whole car itself.

engine technology was unfortunately dismantled

BMW M3 E36 Pandem Widebody Tuning 9 BMW M3 E36 from Pandem the yellow joy of driving.

In the US version of the M3, a 3-liter inline six-cylinder petrol engine with only 240 hp and weak 305 Newton meters of maximum torque serves as the drive source. The US variant lacks the double camos variable camshaft control, which was used for the first time in the M3 of the generation E36. This is due to the low entry price in the U.S., which was only $ 1990 in the 35.000s. In addition, the model is electronically limited to 220 km / h, which does not really affect driving pleasure, because in the USA you shouldn't drive that fast anyway. Because the empty weight is only 1.440 kg, a respectable power-to-weight ratio of 6 kg / PS is still achieved. This does not spoil the famous driving pleasure that every BMW model embodies, and despite the underperformance of 46 hp it should go ahead briskly compared to the European model.

there are probably different opinions about this BMW

It will be the case that this BMW M3 E36 is extremely polarized in the tuning scene. Not only the color combination with yellow exterior paint and black rims, but also the fact that this M3 carries a body kit from Rocket Bunny with screwed-on fender flares should not be everyone's taste and bring tears to the eyes of one or the other BMW fan. But there will also be many tuning fans who will immediately love this unusual specimen. In the end, as always, personal taste decides! If you want to see more of this unusual M3, we recommend that you simply look at the picture gallery that we have put together for you. If we receive timely information on further changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us! PS. The following video shows you one something similar Copy with pandem kit.

(Body kit: Pandem rocketbunny tra-kyoto / Photos: ifeste36 and others)

BMW M3 E36 Pandem Widebody Tuning 8 BMW M3 E36 from Pandem the yellow joy of driving.

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BMW M3 E36 widebody by Pandem

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