Purple BMW M3 (F80) with approx. 530 PS from the USA!

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BMW M3 F80 Tuning inD 10 Purple BMW M3 (F80) with approx. 530 PS from the USA!

The BMW M3 is extremely popular not only in Germany Tuning object, but also in the US. Especially in the land of unlimited possibilities, where everything is at least two sizes larger, there are also car fans who disdain huge SUV and pickup models with sprawling dimensions and prefer a sporty mid-range sedan like one instead BMW M3 to grab. Made in Germany is still very popular around the world, and it is well known that you cannot have enough performance in the USA, even though there are probably some of the strictest speed limits in the world. The M3 is therefore perfect for the performance-hungry US public, who also tend to pay less attention to how much a car consumes or whether it is electrified.

Discreet M3 with subtle sportiness!

An example of the F80 series, which is located in the US state of Pennsylvania, and from its owner Sean Millard was tuned, we would like to introduce you to a little more detail today. It's hard to believe at first, but the list of modifications to the vehicle is quite long. Starting with front spoiler from M Performance, one rear diffuser from RW Carbon and one PSM Dynamic rear spoiler, the tuning extends over the entire body without appearing intrusive, chubby or unaesthetic.

Ensure a sportier appearance EMD lowering springsthat bring the vehicle a little closer to the asphalt without lying so low that you run the risk of unintentionally picking up the leaves with the front spoiler in autumn. Also round BBS LM-R rims in 20-inch format, which was kept in black, and come along with a silver tread, the dynamic appearance of the M3. On the rims were Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires in the format 265/30 ZR20 pulled up on the front axle, while slippers of the same brand in the dimensions 295/30 ZR20 ensure that there is enough traction in most situations. Furthermore, the calipers of the vehicle, which by the way are standard, painted in Daytona purple to create a perfect symbiosis with the Exterior painting enter into. One provides a deafening sound Remus exhaust system with four symmetrically arranged tailpipes that take up the design of the standard exhaust system of the M3.

BMW M3 F80 Tuning inD 5 Purple BMW M3 (F80) with approx. 530 PS from the USA!

There are also other minor modifications Carbon side skirts from RW Carbon, Carbon Splitter on the rear bumper, which come from AutoTecknic as well Carbon shards on the front bumper of Sterckenn. Modified in this way, the next open-brand tuning meeting can come, because this vehicle is guaranteed to score points there.

Heavily modified interior!

The entire Interior was lined with Alcantara by the tuning company iND. There are also color matching decorative seams in purple. Furthermore, a Custom carbon steering wheel with Alcantara impact pot as well as a M Performance gear lever built-in. Even the belts, which also come from iND, are kept in purple so as not to be out of line in terms of color. Floor mats and decorative stitching of the steering wheel join the symphony of purple and carbon in a harmonious shade of purple. On the other hand, they ensure optimal sound JL audio system with amplifier and a 12 inch (approx. 30 cm) Subwoofer, which is also from JL Audio.

528 HP and 760 Newton meters ensure action!

Thanks to the bootmod3 Stage 2 remappings from Pro Tuning Freaks, and various other modifications, the 3-liter R6 biturbo gasoline engine of the M3 generates plenty 528 HP on the bike, and waits with a gigantic torque of 760 Newton meters on. It almost becomes a minor matter that parts of the engine compartment are covered with gold powder coating coated to create a show effect. You will certainly experience the wow effect when you press the accelerator pedal, because the power and torque should ensure exceptional driving values.

BMW M3 F80 Tuning inD 3 Purple BMW M3 (F80) with approx. 530 PS from the USA!

Our Summary for the BMW M3:

An absolutely impressive project that shows that a modified M3 can look discreet and still sporty. tuner Sean Millard knows his job, and we pay him the utmost respect for it. If you liked the M3, you can click on the picture gallery that we have attached to the article. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

BMW M3 F80 Tuning inD 2 Purple BMW M3 (F80) with approx. 530 PS from the USA!

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Purple BMW M3 (F80) with approx. 530 PS from the USA!
Photo credit: fastcar.co.uk

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