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Debut: BMW M3 & M4 Competition with up to 510 PS!

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BMW M3 M4 Competition G80 G82 Tuning 201 Debut: BMW M3 & M4 Competition with up to 510 PS!

35 years after the debut of the first BMW M3, BMW M GmbH presents the latest generation of its high-performance sports cars for the premium mid-range segment. In the new BMW M3 Sedan, in the new BMW M3 Competition Sedan (combined fuel consumption: 10,2 l / 100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 234 g / km), in the new BMW M4 Coupé (combined fuel consumption: 10,8 l / 100 km; CO2 emissions combined: 248 g / km) and in the new BMW M4 Competition Coupé, the unmistakable combination of race-track-oriented performance and superior everyday practicality has reached a level previously unattainable.

BMW M3 & M4 Competition

The market launch of the new high-performance automobiles will begin in March 2021. Just like the independent vehicle concepts of a sedan with space for up to five passengers and a four-seater coupé, their drive portfolio also offers exceptional freedom for individuality. The new BMW M3 Sedan and the new BMW M4 Coupé are powered by an in-line six-cylinder engine with M TwinPower Turbo technology and 353 kW / 480 PS, the power of which is transmitted to the rear wheels via a 6-speed manual transmission that is unique in the competitive field. In the new BMW M3 Competition Sedan and the new BMW M4 Competition Coupé, the 375 kW / 510 PS version of the high-speed engine is combined with an 8-speed M Steptronic transmission with Drivelogic. The Competition models are expected to be available with the M xDrive all-wheel drive system from summer 2021.

Experience from the BMW M4 GT3

BMW M3 M4 Competition G80 G82 Tuning 190 Debut: BMW M3 & M4 Competition with up to 510 PS!

This means that there are three individual vehicle characters to choose from for the sedan and coupé. Its significantly increased dynamics compared to the previous models result from a typical M development and coordination process, which was partly completed in parallel with the test program for the new BMW M4 GT3 racing car. Another thing the new BMW M automobiles have in common is the wide range of emotions triggered by their drive and chassis technology, their expressive design and their new, M-specific operating system. It ranges from the joy of long-distance suitability and confident dynamism in everyday life to the enthusiasm for sports equipment for use on closed roads.

Six-cylinder in-line engine with spontaneous power delivery and M typical high-speed characteristics.

The drive of the new high-performance automobiles combines the typical high-revving characteristics of M with the latest version of the M TwinPower Turbo technology and marks top values ​​for in-line six-cylinder petrol engines from BMW in terms of power and torque. Lightweight construction and extreme rigidity characterize the components of the basic engine that have been developed for maximum performance. Two turbochargers with indirect charge air cooling, a flow-optimized intake air duct and direct petrol injection with a maximum pressure of 350 bar contribute to the spontaneous development of power and the constant revving up to high load ranges. The variant of the engine used in the new BMW M3 Sedan and the new BMW M4 Coupé mobilizes a maximum torque of 550 Nm, which is available in the wide speed range between 2 and 650 rpm. At a speed of 6 min-130, the engine provides its maximum output of 1 kW / 6 PS.

With the drive of the Competition models, too, the power development continues with maximum torque over a wide load range. 2 Nm are available between 750 and 5 rpm, and the engine reaches its peak output of 500 kW / 1 hp at a speed of 650 rpm. The maximum speed is 6 rpm. This performance characteristic creates an impressive driving experience. The new BMW M250 Sedan and the new BMW M1 Coupé each take 375 seconds to accelerate from standstill to 510 km / h. 7 seconds pass when accelerating from zero to 200 km / h. The competition models accelerate from zero to 1 km / h in 4,2 seconds and from zero to 3 km / h in 4 seconds. A model-specific exhaust system with electrically controlled flaps ensures an emotionally charged sound.

BMW M3 M4 Competition G80 G82 Tuning 166 Debut: BMW M3 & M4 Competition with up to 510 PS!

A model-specific cooling system ensures that all drive components are kept at optimum operating temperatures at all times, both in everyday life on short journeys and in city traffic and in high-performance operation on the racetrack. In addition to a central cooling module, there are two high-temperature coolers located in the wheel arches. The system also includes an additional engine oil cooler and a separate transmission oil cooler for the Competition models. The motorsport know-how of BMW M GmbH also comes into play when designing the oil supply. The engine's oil pan has two separate chambers and an integrated suction channel. An additional suction stage enables the map-controlled oil pump to deliver lubricant from the smaller oil sump that serves as a volume buffer. In this way, a safe oil supply is guaranteed at all times, even with extreme longitudinal and transverse accelerations.

Unique variety: 6-speed manual transmission, 8-speed M Steptronic transmission with Drivelogic, rear-wheel drive and M xDrive.

BMW M3 M4 Competition G80 G82 Tuning 91 Debut: BMW M3 & M4 Competition with up to 510 PS!

The combination of the in-line six-cylinder engine with a 6-speed manual transmission in the new BMW M3 Sedan and the new BMW M4 Coupé offers a classic performance experience. The manual transmission has a gearshift assistant whose connection speed control ensures slip-free engagement after downshifting when braking into bends. The 8-speed M Steptronic transmission with Drivelogic of the Competition models is characterized by gear steps that are precisely matched to the engine characteristics and a wide range of gear ratios. It enables fully automatic gear changes as well as manual shifting with the M-specific gear selector switch and with paddles on the steering wheel. The shifting characteristics of the transmission can be varied with the Drivelogic button integrated in the gear selector switch. There are three clearly distinguishable levels to choose from in both automated and manual mode.

For the first time in the history of the BMW M3 and BMW M4 models, an all-wheel drive system is expected to be available for high-performance sports cars as an alternative to traditional rear-wheel drive from summer 2021. The M xDrive system has a rear-wheel-oriented design and is combined with an active M differential in the rear axle drive. In addition to the 4WD basic setting, the driver can use the setup menu to select the 4WD Sport mode, in which a higher proportion of the drive torque is directed to the rear wheels. When DSC is deactivated, the 2WD mode is available. The exclusive transmission of the drive torque to the rear wheels and the renouncement of stabilizing interventions by the control systems help experienced drivers to have a particularly puristic driving experience.

M specific chassis, extremely high torsional rigidity.

BMW M3 M4 Competition G80 G82 Tuning 79 Debut: BMW M3 & M4 Competition with up to 510 PS!

A model-specific strut package in the engine compartment, a front axle support with an aluminum push panel, underfloor struts and a rear axle support rigidly connected to the body contribute to highly dynamic situations that can be precisely controlled. An adaptive M suspension with electronically controlled shock absorbers and the M-specific kinematics and elastokinematics of the front and rear axles are part of the standard equipment of the new BMW M3 Sedan and the new BMW M4 Coupé. They also have M Servotronic steering with variable ratio and an integrated braking system, which in its M-specific version enables two different characteristics to be displayed for response behavior and pedal feel.

Thanks to a new integrated limitation of the drive slip, the driving stability system DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) operates with increased precision. The standard M Dynamic Mode enables a particularly sporty driving experience including controlled drifts. The standard equipment also includes forged M light alloy wheels measuring 18 inches on the front and 19 inches on the rear axle. The tire format is 275/40 ZR18 at the front and 285/35 ZR19 at the rear.

Increased emotionality through independent design.

BMW M3 M4 Competition G80 G82 Tuning 83 Debut: BMW M3 & M4 Competition with up to 510 PS!

More than ever, the independent body design of the new BMW M3 Sedan and the new BMW M4 Coupé sets clear signals for superior performance and an emotionally charged driving experience. M-specific design features, which are consistently based on the functional requirements of high-performance sports cars, are harmoniously integrated into the modern design language. The large, vertically aligned BMW kidney grille in M-specific design with horizontal bars, the powerfully modeled wheel arches with distinctive M gills and the wide flared side skirts with connections to the front and rear aprons contribute to the expressive appearance of both models. In addition, the sedan and coupé have a roof made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) with aerodynamically optimized fins, a rear spoiler and the exhaust system's typical M tailpipe pairs. Full LED headlights are part of the standard equipment. Adaptive LED headlights with BMW laser light are optionally available. The selection of exterior paint finishes includes the new, exclusive variants Sao Paulo yellow, Toronto red metallic and Isle of Man green metallic.

An M carbon exterior package and model-specific BMW M Performance Parts are available as an option immediately for the market launch. In the interior of the new BMW M3 Sedan and the new BMW M4 Coupé, clearly structured surfaces and the ergonomically perfectly designed cockpit direct concentration entirely on the intense driving experience. Newly developed, electrically adjustable M sport seats and fine-grain Merino leather upholstery with expanded features are part of the standard equipment, which for the first time can be supplemented with seat ventilation. As a highlight in the range of optional equipment, the new M carbon bucket seats impress with a structure-based design that combines racing functionality with lightweight construction as well as long-distance comfort and luxurious workmanship. The innovative seats have integrated headrests that can be removed for use on the racetrack, an illuminated model logo and electrically operated adjustment options. Their racing-oriented structure enables the use of multi-point belts.

M specific operating system for an individual performance experience.

BMW M3 M4 Competition G80 G82 Tuning 82 Debut: BMW M3 & M4 Competition with up to 510 PS!

The display and control system of the new BMW M3 Sedan and the new BMW M4 Coupé also includes a large number of innovations that contribute to the intensive driving experience. The M Drive Professional option, presented for the first time (standard for the new BMW M3 Competition Sedan and the new BMW M4 Competition Coupé) was specially designed for use on the racetrack. It includes the innovative M Traction Control function, with which the driver can adjust the drive slip limitation of the driving stability system DSC in ten stages to suit his personal preferences and needs. Other components of the M Drive Professional are the M Drift Analyzer, with which the vehicle data determined during dynamic cornering maneuvers can be recorded and evaluated, as well as the M lap timer, which provides lap times and other information about the race track drive.

The setup button on the center console enables direct access to the settings for the engine, chassis, steering and braking system and, depending on the model and equipment, also M xDrive, shift assistant and traction control. Two variants of the individually compiled overall setup can be saved and called up spontaneously at any time using the M buttons on the steering wheel. The control panel on the center console also includes the M mode button as standard. It can be used to influence the activities of the driver assistance systems as well as the displays in the instrument cluster and in the head-up display in order to create a driving experience that is appropriate to the situation and is typical of M. You can choose between the ROAD and SPORT settings, and the TRACK mode designed for use on the racetrack can also be activated in conjunction with the M Drive Professional.

Extensive standard equipment, high-quality options for comfort, safety and tailor-made performance.

BMW M3 M4 Competition G80 G82 Tuning 47 Debut: BMW M3 & M4 Competition with up to 510 PS!

Numerous innovations in the range of standard and optional equipment features ensure that, in parallel to the racing flair, the comfort and functionality in the new BMW M3 Sedan and the new BMW M4 Coupé also reach an even higher level. Modern driver assistance systems support the driver in monotonous or confusing traffic situations. Among other things, Park Distance Control with sensors at the front and rear, front collision and lane departure warning as well as traffic sign recognition Speed ​​Limit Info are available as standard. The optionally available systems include the Driving Assistant Professional including steering and lane guidance assistant, active navigation guidance and emergency lane assistant as well as the BMW Drive Recorder and the latest generation of the BMW Head-Up Display with M-specific displays. The reversing assistant is also part of the functionality of the optional Parking Assistant. The standard equipment with 3-zone automatic air conditioning, LED interior lighting including ambient light and a HiFi speaker system increases comfort in everyday life and when traveling.

The BMW Live Cockpit Professional with a fully digital display network, the cloud-based navigation system BMW Maps and the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant are also part of the standard equipment of the new BMW M3 Sedan and the new BMW M4 Coupé. The current smartphone integration makes it possible to use both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with the vehicle's operating system. A steel roof with an integrated sliding glass roof is available for both models as a free alternative to the standard carbon version. A targeted reduction in vehicle weight, on the other hand, can be achieved with the new M Race Track Package. It includes, among other things, the M carbon ceramic brake system, weight-optimized M light alloy wheels that can be fitted with semi-slick tires on request, and the M carbon bucket seats. If we receive more information in a timely manner, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Photos: BMW

BMW M3 M4 Competition G80 G82 Tuning 22 Debut: BMW M3 & M4 Competition with up to 510 PS!

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