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Even more pressure - BMW M4 F82 GTS from G-Power with 615PS

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A BMW M4 F82 for about 90.000 € and with 600PS & 740NM or a BMW M4 F82 with 500PS & 600NM for 140.000 € -> what would you take? Ok, the comparison is now perhaps a bit sober and only appropriate in relation to the pure engine power, but it is there now. You wonder what I'm talking about? I'll tell you, we're talking about a 90.000 € expensive one BMW M4 F82 Coupe by G-Power and the BMW M700 F140.000 GTS version, limited to 4 pieces and costing € 82. As is well known, G-Power gives the "normal" S55 engine an increase in performance to 17.500 PS (at 600 rpm) and 6.500 Nm (at 740-4.000 rpm) for a good 5.500 € and lets the coupe / convertible / M3 times just 100PS stronger than the exclusive and limited M4 GTS.

Even if the GTS can score with many other accessories such as the water injection, the roll bar or a lap time of 7:28 minutes on the Nordschleife, the fact of the difference in performance will remain in the back of the mind of many GTS owners. But G-Power wouldn't be G-Power if you didn't have a solution for that too. So why not stuff the components to increase performance in the GTS and use the standard water injection and the lower temperatures in the combustion chambers as an advantage? It is precisely this water injection that makes it possible to have a good 15PS & 20Nm more on paper than with the "normal" G-Power model and all of this in connection with the special features and of course the lightweight construction of the GTS. Specifically, this means a V-Max of electronically regulated 320km / h and a sprint time of approx. 3,5 seconds from 0-100km / h. With a power-to-weight ratio of only 2,45 kilograms (series 3kg) no wonder ...

BMW M4 F82 GTS Power 615PS Bi Tronik Chiptuning 4 Even more pressure BMW M4 F82 GTS from G Power with 615PS

The guys around the G-Power team have published the strengthened GTS the days and we are pleased to be able to show you the pictures of the first of four G-Power GTS that have already been ordered. By the way, the current model is on some pictures on G-Power forged wheels in 21 inch instead of the standard 19 & 20 inch lightweight wheels ex works. After the tuning cure that the GTS was allowed to endure, it is now even more exciting, stronger and a bit more dynamic than the production version. Anyone who in the future is thinking of buying a sold out BMW M4 GTS in some way or already owns one for whom G-Power is certainly an interesting starting point when it comes to differentiating the vehicle from the production model more clearly than the M -GmbH has already done.

Regarding the further changes in the optics or the technology, we have made smart and the most important details in experience. As always, we list what we know in a summary for you in the lower part of the article. But if you discovered more changes that we did not notice, just use our comment box and let us know! If you have more tuned vehicles like this one BMW X5M F85 with 750PS & 980NM or even the BMW X6 M50d with 455PS & 870NM from G-Power just click on the tuner name below in the photo reference!

(Photos: G-Power)

These are the known changes to the series:

  • Performance increase to 615 PS (maximum torque 760 Newton meters - between 4.000 and 5.500 rpm)
  • in-house stainless steel downpipes (without catalysts)
  • High performance turbocharger (revised compressor wheel, new exhaust gas turbine, CNC milled exhaust and compressor housing)
  • new control software (G-Power Bi-Tronik 2 V3 ECU Software Map Optimization)
  • G-Power forged wheels in 21 inches
  • Top speed raised to 320 km / h
  • Optional performance increase without hardware modifications using G-Power Bi-Tronik 2 V2 to 575 PS and 740 Newton meters of torque
  • G-Power emblem

We are sure that we will receive some information and definitely new pictures and videos in the next few weeks. As soon as this is the case, we will of course add to the article and inform you about it.

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