Subtly carbonized: BMW M4 (G82) by 3D Design!

BMW M4 G82 G80 3D design 5

The Japanese tuner 3D design has that G82 BMW M4 Coupe performed. The extremely aggressive design ex works has already been discussed extensively and one would actually think that there is no further scope for even more aggressiveness. But 3D design sees it differently. The tuner has a few accessories for the potent coupe at the start that can be seen. And the additional ones Exterior styling / tuning parts from 3D Design are an eye-catcher again. They make the M4 even more stylish and the rims in particular look good, as we think. The M4 loses nothing of its aggressiveness and sportiness. On the contrary. The range is currently still very manageable, but as we know 3D design, one or the other component will certainly be submitted in the next few months. Even the little ones optimizations make a successful difference.

BMW M4 (G82) by 3D Design

There was one for the front front spoiler made of carbon, which defuses the XXL design of the kidneys a little. It visually lowers the M4 a bit and makes it look even sportier. The component with the article number 3101-38212 As far as we know, it also fits the M3 and the G83 Cabriolet. The optics are combined by means of the mentioned wheelset.

Specifically, it's the 20-inch 3D design forged wheel from Type III Forged in the “Brushed” finish, which we already on 3D design M440i Coupe have seen that due to a Prototype lowering spring (-20 mm) sits perfectly in the wheel arch. And we assume that also the 3D design Carbon sill swords from the "normal“4 Series Coupe with M Sport package will fit the M4. The same certainly applies to the 3D design Carbon rear spoiler lip. Since the factory-installed spoiler lip on the M4 is only glued, it should be relatively easy to replace it. And ultimately you also have for that Interior a few accessories at the start.

more power with "Booster Chip 3"

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So can the 4 with new shift paddles made of aluminium (also available in carbon), one pedals made of aluminium (also available in carbon) and individual Foot mats be equipped. Also carbon insoles for that Steering wheel up to Key case made of leather are available. The tuning is currently rounded off with an in-house tuning box "Booster chip 3". The plug-and-play components increase the output of the S58B30A engine by approx. 50-60 hp approx. 570 little horses. We are curious whether 3D Design will expand its range for the G80 / G82 series even further. If we receive new information about this, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply do ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Subtly carbonized: BMW M4 (G82) by 3D Design!
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