BMW M4 GT3 designs in the colors of the BMW M Motorsport partners!

BMW M4 GT3 Designs Colors BMW M Motorsport Partner 2023 30

In the 2023 DTM season, three BMW M4 GT3 will compete in the colors of BMW M Motorsport partners. Reigning champion Sheldon van der Linde (RSA) is again defending his title in Shell colors and also wears starting number 1. His new team-mate at Schubert Motorsport, three-time DTM champion René Rast (GER), is taking over the blue design from RoboMarkets and keeps his original number 33. The two-time champion Marco Wittmann (GER) also remains true to his trademarks with his new Team Project 1: the starting number 11 and the green design by Schaeffler. Project 4 will announce the second driver and the design of the fourth BMW M3 GT1 at a later date.

new bmw M4 GT3 designs

Andreas Roos (Head of BMW M Motorsport): “We are delighted to be able to present three of the BMW M1 GT4 entered by Schubert Motorsport and Project 3 in the colors of our BMW M Motorsport partners in the 2023 DTM season. Without their support, many races would not be possible at all. Thank you for the many years of great cooperation! Seeing Sheldon van der Linde defend his DTM title with starting number 1 and in the classic Shell colors will be something very special. The connection between Marco Wittmann and Schaeffler through the 'Green Machine' has also grown over many years. René Rast will also take on the colors of the second Schubert vehicle and, with his experience and class as a three-time DTM champion, will certainly be an excellent representative for RoboMarkets.”

Sheldon van der Linde (#1 BMW M4 GT3, Schubert Motorsport): “Until recently, I could only dream of defending my DTM title in the car with starting number 1. I've been thinking all winter about swapping my number 31, which has always brought me luck, for number 1, but you don't get an opportunity like that very often. The #1 is the icing on my shell livery. I'm extremely proud to go into my fifth season with Shell, who have been my partner from the start. I can't imagine starting in any other colors than red and yellow in the DTM.”

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René Rast (#33 BMW M4 GT3, Schubert Motorsport): “Apart from the BMW M4 GT3, the colors of my partner RoboMarkets are also new to me, but I really like blue and am looking forward to my new look in the DTM. I will do my best to achieve success for BMW M Motorsport, Team Schubert and my partner. It's great that I can compete again with the number 33 car. It has become my trademark in the DTM over the past few years.”

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Marco Wittmann (#11 BMW M4 GT3, Project 1): “The partnership with Schaeffler is now in its fifth year and we have become friends over time. Both successes and difficult times in sport have welded us together. The fact that we come from the same region also ensures that we identify extremely well with each other, with the fans and also with the Schaeffler employees. The number 11 is more than just my starting number. It's a brand and has now become a part of my life. My tattoo on my wrist proves that. I'm proud with the #11 'Green Machine' to start again in the DTM.”

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DTM: BMW M4 GT3 designs in the colors of BMW M Motorsport partners RoboMarkets, Schaeffler and Shell.
Photo credit: BMW
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