BMW M5 F11 Touring in Widebody dress by tuningblog

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What we want to show you now will probably not be in the near future on the part of BMW. Of the brand new M5 F90 is on the market since a few days and at the latest now it is official that there will be no Touring version. Back then the numbers of the E34 M5 Touring were too low and even the E61 M5 did not sell very well. So you have in the series F10, as well as the E39, immediately refrained from offering a combination version. But that's exactly what we wanted so much! Reason enough for us to tackle the whole virtual and to set up an F11 M5 Touring on the legs in addition, has gone well in the width. As a first step, of course, we have installed a M-typical sports exhaust system.

would our M5 succeed?

This one became, M5 untypical, placed centrally as is the case with the F80 M3, for example. In addition, we have ensured that the side walls have grown by approx. 5 cm on each side, giving the M5 Touring a much more powerful appearance. Of course, a significant lowering should not be missing to complete the dynamic appearance. We also considered small details such as the black third brake light, tinted taillights & reflectors in the bumper or the removal of the rear wiper to be necessary. Last but not least, a black and white BMW emblem and of course M5 lettering should not be missing.

We have made the following virtual changes:

  • M typical sports exhaust system placed centrally
  • Sidewalls drawn about 5 cm each side
  • significant lowering
  • black third brake light
  • tinted taillights & reflectors
  • removed rear wiper
  • black and white BMW emblem
  • M5 lettering

Here's a little taste:

First try - Widebody BMW F90 M5 by

Widebody BMW M5 Edition F90 Frozen Dark Red 310x165 BMW M5 F11 Touring in Widebody Dress by tuningblog

Fat Widebody BMW M760LI G12 7er by

Widebody BMW M760Li xDrive G11 G12 Tuning 2 310x165 BMW M5 F11 Touring in Widebody Dress by tuningblog

"The Beast" - Widebody BMW X5M F85 SUV by tuningblog

BMW X5M F85 SUV widebody tuning 310x165 BMW M5 F11 Touring in widebody dress by tuningblog

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  1. Can you please tell me how is "tinted taillights & reflectors" done?
    It looks so good !! And not like others
    Thanks for answering!

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