Thursday 21rd September 2023

BMW M6 Coupe (F12) as a G-Power conversion with 770 hp!

BMW M6 Coupe F12 G Power conversion 770 hp 2

Years after its discontinuation, the F6/F12 generation BMW M13 Coupé is still an extremely impressive vehicle, delivering both performance and plenty of luxury. But what happens if you want to optimize the M6 ​​a little more? Then you go to G-Power, because they recently presented some improvements for the M6 ​​Coupé. The work is relatively simple but effective, as it includes visual changes that don't change the look too much, and there's a hefty performance boost to boot. With an engine tuning, G-Power achieves breathtaking 770 PS & 950 Nm torque. The additional boost compared to the standard 600 PS & 700 Nm, which the 4,4-liter biturbo V8 in the Competition model delivers ex works, was thanks to an upgraded turbocharger, a new one Intercooler, down pipes, a complete Sports exhaust system and a new one Software reached.

BMW M6 Coupe (F12) as G-Power conversion

BMW M6 Coupe F12 G Power conversion 770 hp 4

As an option, G-Power recommends improving the clutch, a Air Filter to build and some other little things. The prices are then easily at least 23.000 €, which is of course an announcement. And those interested can find other parts for the M6 ​​on the shelves of G-Power, such as a Sport steering wheel with a small screen. The vehicle shown also stands on in-house rims in a multi-spoke design and with a two-tone surface, which bear the tuner's logo on the hub caps. The BMW emblems have been replaced by G-Power logos and the M6 ​​has also been given a beautiful satin black finish (foil?). Finally, they gave it a carbon fiber body kit including large rear wings. If we get more information, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

BMW M6 Coupe F12 G Power conversion 770 hp 1

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BMW M6 Coupe (F12) as a G-Power conversion with 770 hp!
Photo credit: G-POWER
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