Video: BMW Z3 V12, M5 Cabrio & Co. in the Secret M Garage!

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BMW Z3 Roadster V12 S70 1

The M department is turning 50 and has been celebrating it extensively for months with new vehicles and with a video series that brings secret prototypes to light. Below that M2 CSL (F87), M3 CSL V8, an M5 CSL and an M6 CSL we have already seen. And now it goes on. In the BMW Museum there is a special exhibition with special vehicles from M-GmbH, some of which were intended for the racetrack and some for the street. The vehicles push the limits of what is possible even further. Sometimes prototypes were created, with sometimes crazy combinations of car and engine. About one Z3 or M Roadster, with V12 engine from the former 7 series under the hood. Compared to the M Roadster with in-line six cylinders and 321 hp, the number of cylinders has just doubled.

BMW Z3 V12, M5 Cabrio & Co.

And also a unique is a M5 (E34) as convertible. Among other things, it has a belt system integrated into the seat and a variable (foldable) convertible top compartment. The E34 convertible was even approved for production and was due to get a spot at the 1989 Geneva Motor Show. In the end, however, it was never built. And we find it particularly successful 8-series BMW (E31) with twelve-cylinder (6,0 liter V12 engine, S70) from the Le Mans racing car from the 24 hour race including Six-speed manual. With 640 PS & 650 NM, it is still stronger than the new one today M5 CS and there was one Body made of plastic and at the rear additional air intakes. It's best to see the rest for yourself. Photo credit: Screenshots YouTube video BMW


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