Unique piece: BMW X4 M Competition by Joshua Vides!

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Joshua Vides BMW X4 M Competition Tuning 18 Unique item: BMW X4 M Competition by Joshua Vides!

Los Angeles. BMW M is diving into the young with a new cooperation with Joshua Vides and the BMW X4 M Competition (fuel consumption combined: 10,8 - 10,7 l / 100 km according to WLTP; CO2 emissions combined: 247 - 238 g / km according to WLTP) and Los Angeles’s diverse arts scene. In collaboration with the internationally renowned artist from the USA, who plays with the perception of objects as sketches in his works and blurs the boundaries between drawing and reality, a hand-painted BMW X4 M Competition was created, with Joshua Vides in an unmistakable style gave black lines on a white background even more dynamism. The son of immigrants from Guatemala has been a big fan of the BMW brand since early childhood. For him, a long-cherished dream comes true with the cooperation.

BMW X4 M Competition

The world premiere of the BMW X4 M Competition x Joshua Vides took place in the exclusive showroom [SPACE] by BMW in The Grove in Los Angeles. A merchandising collection dedicated to BMW and BMW M was also presented, penned by Joshua Vides, which he is selling this year in a limited edition through his own channels. Skateboard professional Ishod Wair, also a great BMW M enthusiast, modeled the vehicle for the catalog of the collection. This collection includes items of clothing such as T-shirts and hoodies, but also everyday items such as thermal mugs and even interior decoration products such as carpets - all with Joshua Vides-style logos. The evening before the official premiere, the artist and friends and family celebrated an exclusive sneak preview of the BMW X4 M Competition x Joshua Vides at the [SPACE] by BMW. There the unique piece was presented to invited guests on October 7th as part of a vernissage with works by Joshua Vides. The vehicle will be open to the public from October 8th until it is transferred to the BMW M GmbH vehicle fleet in November.

“With the constant further development of the BMW brand, we always have a feel for cultural developments,” says Jens Thiemer, Senior Vice President Customer and Brand BMW: “With his ideas and vision, Joshua Vides is one of the most outstanding minds and opinion leaders in the world of art, lifestyle and culture. The collaboration with JV, through its influences and images, will greatly support BMW in opening up and captivating new target groups. ”Markus Flasch, CEO BMW M GmbH, emphasizes that“ for the first time ever, a high-performance sports activity vehicle from BMW M The focus of one of our exclusive collaborations is. ”Josh understood perfectly how to stage the design and lines of this vehicle with his artistic work. "His incomparable style appeals to young consumers worldwide and increases awareness of the BMW M brand in the expressive luxury segment," says Markus Flasch.

Joshua Vides BMW X4 M Competition Tuning 22 Unique item: BMW X4 M Competition by Joshua Vides!

Joshua Vides says: “I am extremely happy that I was able to work with BMW and BMW M on this project. Since I was seven or eight years old, I always wanted to own a BMW at some point. To be able to design a BMW X4 M Competition based on my own ideas was just unbelievable. ”His goal for the project:“ I wanted the vehicle to look as fast as possible even when it was stationary. It was the first time I worked with speed lines, as seen in cartoons or films, which give the impression of rapid movement. With the result, I am very satisfied."

Joshua Vides has been a BMW enthusiast since childhood

Joshua Vides has been a true BMW enthusiast since childhood. He grew up in a deprived suburb of Los Angeles, where BMW and especially BMW M vehicles were rarely seen. So seldom that Vides always paused as a child when a BMW drove by. The fascination for the brand grew and with it the desire to own a BMW one day. After an extremely varied professional career - Joshua Vides already worked as a barista, firefighter, window fitter, delivery driver as well as graphic artist and designer of various streetware labels - he found his current calling as an artist. His breakthrough was the artistic decoration of a world-famous sports shoe, which was followed by collaborations with world-renowned companies and his own collections.

Joshua Vides BMW X4 M Competition Tuning 9 Unique item: BMW X4 M Competition by Joshua Vides!

In 2021 Joshua Vides opened his Café Matte Black Coffee in Los Angeles, which is designed entirely in his black and white style. For a few weeks, visitors to the café will be able to admire an installation dedicated to BMW - consisting of rotating steering wheels and other works of art. Joshua Vides has now fulfilled his childhood dream of owning a BMW - and twice. In addition to an alpine white BMW M3 E46, which he acquired in 2004, he also owns a diamond black BMW M3 E30 from 1989. The love for BMW even gets under your skin: When he was in Munich for the first time in September, the BMW Visited the world and, above all, was able to admire the treasures of the BMW Classic, he got the BMW logo as a tattoo on his forearm.

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Unmistakable craftsmanship: Joshua Vides creates unique BMW X4 M Competition.
Photo credit: BMW

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