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BMW X6 M50 D body kit from Hamann Motorsport

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In early March 2015 we have a little taste of the planned Hamann body kit for the current BMW X6 F16 presents. In the meantime, Hamann has changed a lot in terms of performance on the X6 and, for example, there has been an increase in performance 640PS for the X6M F86 (426PS for the M50D) or various wheel-tire combinations such as the 23 inch Anniversary Evo alloy wheels and other designs that are available to match the X6. But now the body kit mentioned above seems to be slowly but surely about to be finalized because Hamann presented the first real preview images on his timeline yesterday and we absolutely have to show them to you. For the tuning, a BMW X6 M50 D was used as the base vehicle, but the body kit should be available for all engines of the X6. After the tuning cure that the X6 was allowed to endure, it is now much more massive, more individual and also more dynamic than the production version and looks extremely potent, especially due to the typical Hamann aluminum rims and the centrally positioned sports exhaust system. So if you are thinking of buying a current BMW X6 in the future or already own one, Hamann Motorsport is definitely an interesting starting point when it comes to differentiating the vehicle from the production model. As for the changes made to the optics or the technology, we have already been able to find out the first details. As usual, we have listed what we know below in a summary. If you discover any further changes that we have not listed, just use the comment box and let us know!

Ps. If you have more tuned vehicles like this one Hamann BMW M5 F10 Mi5Sion or even one Aston Martin Vantage from Hamann Motorsport just click on the tuner name below in the photo reference!

(Photos: Hamann Motorsport)

These are the details of the BMW X6:

  • Carbon aerodynamic package all around (modified bumpers front (with LED daytime running lights) and rear, new side skirts, fender flares all around, rear spoiler, bonnet)
  • modified suspension
  • Sport exhaust system made of stainless steel (striking central arrangement and offset upwards)
  • Alloy wheels from 22-23 inch
  • wider track (about 12 mm front and 30 mm rear)
  • Tuning kit also for the interior (aluminum pedals, Alcantara, HAMANN lettering in the headrests etc.)
  • various performance increases - (e.g. X6 M50d Tuning 462PS)

Certainly, new information and certainly new pictures and videos will soon be online. As soon as this is the case, we will of course put it online and inform you about it.

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