Inconspicuous safe: Inkas Tuning BMW X7 with armor!

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Inkas Tuning BMW X7 G07 Armor Armored 2

Only yesterday we met you with the BMW X7 from Forgestar Wheels Tuning variant of the largest Bavarian SUV in BMW history. And today it continues with another X7. However, much more inconspicuous! Therefor two numbers safer. Because this black copy in the supposed series condition was made by the professionals of Incas extensive armored. The Incas option is interesting for those who, for whatever reason, find something on their daily trips need more protection. Incas Armored Vehicle Manufacturing is based in Canada and recently rebuilt this X7. The classy 7-seater SUV received one ballistic protection and since the renovation it can be powerful Bullets and even several Hand grenades defy. And visually you can see that the X7 will not at. The black bimmer looks like a standard model with the shadowline option. Ok, the windows are tinted, but outside of Germany this is almost the rule.

Inkas Tuning BMW X7 with armor!

Inkas Tuning BMW X7 G07 Armor Armored 7

But the installed panes are a lot stronger and there is actually one in the back, right in the trunk additional hatch as well as a small one Window, covered by the tailgate. The changes are part of Inka's 360 degree armor protection package (Inkas 360-degree armor protection package) the one BR6 certification Has. According to the Incas, that's enough 7.62 or . 308 Stop bullets from high powered rifles. And the X7 can be a blast from too two hand grenades fired at the same time put away. And in addition to armor, Inkas can also equip the X7 with additional protective gear equip. For example with a system for Filtering the oxygen, with various sirens, With Emergency lights, with a Night vision function and a Smoke protection system. And since the armor naturally increases the weight, there is also a Engine upgrade for the M50i from 530 up 612 PS available.

the chassis of the X7 is reinforced

Inkas Tuning BMW X7 G07 Armor Armored 6

By the way, each copy (xDrive40i, xDrive50i, M50i, xDrive30d, xDrive40d, M50d) can be converted accordingly and ultimately there are also various for each copy performance improvements (if necessary from third-party providers). Will be a full transformation (including protection for the battery and the electronic control module) then reinforced you also install the chassis of the X7 and install special tires Emergency running properties. There is no specific information about the additional weight, but we assume at least 500 to 750 kg when choosing all options. Basically, there are hardly any restrictions after the conversion, only the space available in the third row of seats is important when installing the Additional disc and the Security door a little reduced. Inkas states that this is the world's first commercially available BMW X7 with armor and is available as a special order. If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Photos: Incas Tuning

Inkas Tuning BMW X7 G07 Armor Armored 4

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Inkas Tuning BMW X7 (G07) ​​with armor!

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