653 hp hybrid: BMW XM is the most powerful production model ever!

BMW XM G09 Tuning 2023 42

The completely newly developed M HYBRID drive, an extravagant design and the progressive luxury ambience in the interior of the BMW XM combine to form a reinterpretation of the Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) vehicle concept in the high-performance segment, which brings new target groups and markets for the unmistakable M feeling opens up. The BMW XM is the highlight of the model offensive in the brand's anniversary year and at the same time the first original BMW M automobile since the BMW M1. Precisely set accents in the exterior design of the high-performance SAV are reminiscent of the legendary mid-engine sports car. The BMW XM will be produced at the BMW Group plant in Spartanburg in the US from December 2022 and will go on sale worldwide in spring 2023. The most important sales markets are the USA, China and the Middle East.

M HYBRID drive for impressive performance and locally emission-free cruising.

The M HYBRID drive of the BMW XM generates a system output of 480 kW/653 hp (generated jointly by the combustion engine with up to 360 kW/489 hp and the electric drive with up to 145 kW/197 hp). It is based on a newly developed V8 engine with the latest M TwinPower Turbo technology and a classic high-revving concept. The 4,4-liter engine has a cross-bank exhaust manifold and optimized oil separation.

The eight-cylinder is supported by an e-machine integrated into the 8-speed M Steptronic transmission, which, with its thrust, which is available immediately from a standstill, guarantees an immediate response to every movement of the accelerator pedal. The system torque of the M HYBRID drive is 800 Nm (generated jointly by the combustion engine with up to 650 Nm and the electric motor with up to 280 Nm). An innovative pre-transmission increases the effective maximum torque of the electric motor at the transmission input to 450 Nm.

Two motors, three modes of operation, four driven wheels.

The intelligently controlled interaction of both engines ensures a consistent and M-typical performance experience in every driving situation. It is characterized by an immense power delivery that starts spontaneously and continues continuously across all engine speed ranges. The BMW XM accelerates from zero to 4,3 km/h in 100 seconds, accompanied by the energetic drive sound of its sports exhaust system, which is exceptionally emotional for an eight-cylinder engine. It has electrically controlled, infinitely variable flaps and, for the first time in a BMW M model, hexagonal twin tailpipes arranged one above the other.

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Three operating modes can be activated with the M Hybrid button on the center console, including the ELECTRIC setting for locally emission-free cruising at a speed of up to 140 km/h and a range of 82 to 88 kilometers* according to WLTP. The lithium-ion high-voltage battery located in the underbody of the vehicle provides usable energy of 25,7 kWh. The Combined Charging Unit of the BMW XM enables AC charging with an output of up to 7,4 kW.

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The power development of the e-machine is also staged acoustically. This is ensured by the BMW IconicSounds Electric, which were developed in cooperation between the BMW Group and the film music composer Hans Zimmer. In locally emission-free operating mode, the M-specific electric drive sound provides authentic feedback on every movement of the accelerator pedal. In addition, the electric support of the combustion engine is accompanied by a boost sound when the Sport or Sport Plus setting is activated in HYBRID mode of the drive system.

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The power of both engines is transferred to the road via the M xDrive all-wheel drive system, whose rear-wheel-focused configuration is particularly pronounced in 4WD Sport mode. The 4WD Sand mode is also available, which was specially designed for driving on dunes and similar surfaces. The M sport differential in the rear axle drive is also fully variable.

BMW XM LABEL RED: Most powerful BMW M model ever produced.

In autumn 2023, the model range will be supplemented by the BMW XM LABEL RED. The most powerful production vehicle ever approved for road traffic in the history of BMW M GmbH mobilizes a system output of 550 kW/748 hp (generated jointly by the combustion engine with up to 430 kW/585 hp and the electric drive with up to 145 kW/197 hp) and a maximum system torque of 1 Nm (generated jointly by the combustion engine with up to 000 Nm and the electric drive with up to 750 Nm; provisional values ​​based on the vehicle's current development status).

BMW XM G09 Tuning 2023 33

Independent design as an expression of presence and performance.

Exclusivity, presence and performance are expressed in the exterior design of the BMW XM. The proportions of a modern SAV, strong contours, a dynamically stretched silhouette and typical M design features, an independent interpretation of the front view designed for BMW models in the luxury segment and numerous individual accents ensure an incomparably extroverted aura.

BMW XM G09 Tuning 2023 54

The front of the vehicle is characterized by two-part headlight units, a BMW kidney grille with gold-colored edging and surrounding contour lighting, as well as large air intakes. When viewed from the side, a gold accent band is reminiscent of the black body strip on the BMW M1. The two BMW emblems engraved in the flat rear window and the distinctive lamellar structure of the sculpted rear lights are further borrowings from history. The M light-alloy wheels, which are 21 inches as standard and up to 23 inches as an option, also have an exclusive design.

Interior: Driver-oriented cockpit, luxurious M Lounge in the rear.

The expressive style of the exterior design continues in the interior of the BMW XM. The cockpit and the front seats are designed entirely for the active driving experience. M multifunction seats, knee pads, a model-specific M leather steering wheel and M-specific displays including shift lights for the BMW Curved Display and the BMW Head-Up Display are part of the standard equipment.

A generous sense of space, high-quality materials and an extravagant design transform the rear of the BMW XM into an exclusive M Lounge. Heated backrests that extend far into the side areas and model-specific cushions ensure luxurious travel comfort. The sculptural headliner with a three-dimensional prismatic structure, a passe-partout-like border and lighting from 100 LED units is unique. There is a choice of four appointments for individualisation, as well as a new type of vintage leather for the upper area of ​​the instrument panel and the door panels. Ambient light, automatic air conditioning with 4-zone control, the Harman Kardon Surround Sound System and the Travel & Comfort System are also part of the standard equipment. The Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System with an amplifier output of 1 watts and four additional loudspeakers in the roof area is available as an option.

Chassis: Maximum spread between dynamics and travel comfort.

The unique balance between driving pleasure and well-being that arises in the interior of the BMW XM is also reflected in the driving experience. High-quality and M-specifically tuned chassis systems enable a maximum spread between typical M dynamics and above-average driving comfort in the competitive environment. The M Setup menu is also available for individual vehicle settings. The integrated application of all drive and chassis systems on different route profiles - from city traffic to country roads and motorways - leads to sovereign and harmonious driving characteristics at all times.

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The chassis design includes a double wishbone front axle and a five-link rear axle with model-specific kinematic and elastokinematic properties. The BMW XM has the Adaptive M suspension Professional including electronically controlled shock absorbers and active roll stabilization with 48-volt electric motors and Active Roll Control as standard. It is also the first BMW M model to offer integral active steering, which is also part of the standard equipment.

BMW XM G09 Tuning 2023 35

Traction, agility and driving stability benefit from the wheel slip limitation close to the actuator and the networking of all control systems in the integrated lateral dynamics management. The M sports brake system is combined with an integrated brake system that enables the representation of two characteristics for the pedal feel. The standard equipment includes 21-inch M light-alloy wheels. 22-inch and 23-inch M light-alloy wheels are also available as an option.

Driver assistance systems in the greatest variety.

The BMW XM has the largest selection of driver assistance systems ever offered for a high-performance automobile from BMW M GmbH, either as standard or as an option. Its standard equipment includes, among other things, the Driving Assistant, which includes the front collision warning, the lane departure warning including lane return with steering assistance, the evasion assistant, the attention assistant and the Speed ​​Limit Info system.

BMW XM G09 Tuning 2023 76

The optional Driving Assistant Professional combines the active cruise control with Stop & Go function with, among other things, the steering and lane guidance assistant, traffic light recognition, automatic Speed ​​Limit Assist and active navigation guidance. The Parking Assistant Plus is also part of the standard equipment. In addition to the reversing assistant, this system includes the functions parking view, panorama view front and rear as well as 3D view.

Individual driving experience at the push of a button.

The control panel on the center console of the BMW XM includes a model-specific combination of buttons that can be used to customize the driving experience in a variety of ways. For the first time, this includes the M Hybrid button for selecting the operating modes for the drive. It allows you to choose between the HYBRID, ELECTRIC and eCONTROL modes. In addition, the setup button offers direct access to the configuration of the drive, chassis, steering, braking system and M xDrive, as well as to the intensity of braking energy recuperation.

BMW XM G09 Tuning 2023 49

Another button is used to select the M mode. When changing from the basic setting Road to Sport mode, interventions by the driver assistance systems and the contents of the information display are limited to the functions essential for sporty driving. Two individually configured variants of the setup can be saved together with the preferred settings for the operating mode of the M HYBRID system, the drive sound, the driving stability control and the shift characteristics of the transmission and called up using the M buttons on the steering wheel.

BMW Live Cockpit Professional and Head-Up Display as standard.

With the standard BMW Live Cockpit Professional, the latest-generation BMW iDrive multi-sensory vehicle experience is also available in an M-specific version in the BMW XM. It is based on the BMW Operating System 8 and includes a BMW Curved Display consisting of a 12,3-inch Information Display and a Control Display with a screen diagonal of 14,9 inches. With the new display network and the continuously increasing capabilities of the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, the new BMW iDrive is consistently geared towards touch operation and gesture control as well as dialogue using natural language. In addition to the iDrive Controller and the multifunction buttons on the steering wheel, the BMW Head-Up Display and BMW gesture control are also available as standard.

BMW XM G09 Tuning 2023 30

The range of functions of the BMW Live Cockpit Professional also includes the cloud-based navigation system BMW Maps. The optional BMW Digital Key Plus offers the option of unlocking and locking the BMW XM using the security-optimized ultra-wideband radio technology (UWB) with the Apple iPhone. Smartphone integration for Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™, the personalized BMW ID and an eSIM designed for the 5G mobile communications standard can also be used in the BMW XM.

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653 hp hybrid: BMW XM (G09) is the most powerful production model ever!
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