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1.000 PS sneaker! BMW Z3 M Coupé with supercharger!

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BMW Z3 M Coupe Kompressor Tuning Garage 54 19 1.000 PS sneaker! BMW Z3 M Coupé with supercharger!

Which BMW fan does not know the distinctive Z3 Coupé (E36 / 8), which is also affectionately known as the "sneaker" (in England "clown shoe" -> "clown shoe") is called? The M Coupé, in particular, has matured into a real classic in recent years and is in series production and with the S2001 engine with 54 PS that has been installed since 325 (previously S50 engine with 321 hp) still a real athlete. But over 325 hp, this specimen just smiles tiredly. Because this Z3 that we are on have discovered that well triple Power. The Z3 belongs to Ghery Akopyan from Los Angeles, who made almost all modifications with his company Garage 54 (not with Garage 54 confused from Russia) did it himself. And the changes are "optically" not really noticeable as we find. The Z3 in OEM style has now got a modified front apron without indicators, new gills in the fenders, a slightly modified bonnet and tailgate as well as a chic Volk TE27SL wheel set in the format 9,5 × 18 and 10,5 × 18 inches. This is equipped with 245/35 R18 tires at the front and 275/35 slippers at the rear and, with the red spokes, takes up the red decorative stripes on the white painted body.

AP brake from the Audi racing car

BMW Z3 M Coupe Kompressor Tuning Garage 54 20 1.000 PS sneaker! BMW Z3 M Coupé with supercharger!

And if you look closely, you will also see a modified braking system. A system from AP Racing is installed with brake calipers from an "Audi racing car", which has 6 pistons and 355 millimeter Corvette Z06 disks at the front and the Z3 on the rear axle with 4 piston calipers and 328 millimeter Slices from an E38 750i delayed. All around are to it Race brake pads installed by Ferodo. The centerpiece is of course the built-in S54 six-cylinder. The Z3 from 2000 originally had the S52 with 243 hp under the long hood, but for Ghery it was no alternative to the popular E46 M3 engine. And the built-in engine is far from the standard state. Because at the beginning of the year the engine was already producing a crazy 750 HP “on the wheel” and thus a good 850-880 HP on the crankshaft! And since then there have been further modifications that even enable a maximum of 850 to 900 hp on the bike, depending on the boost pressure. That should then be around 1.000 hp engine output, which can be heard through a custom exhaust system with powerful Eisenmann silencers.

manual six-speed gearbox from the M3

BMW Z3 M Coupe Kompressor Tuning Garage 54 11 1.000 PS sneaker! BMW Z3 M Coupé with supercharger!

And the power comes on the road by means of a manual six-speed gearbox, which also comes from an E46 M3. But of course it's heavily modified to withstand the performance. It was combined with a two-disc carbon-ceramic clutch, a custom driveshaft and a new one Limited slip differential installed on the rear axle. The achievement achieved Garage 54 Incidentally, using a Vortech compressor with a custom pulley and a TiAL blow-off valve. With countless other components such as a completely new cooling system, an air-to-liquid cooling system, Carillo connecting rods, large injection nozzles, Aeromotive pressure regulators, Custom CP Pistons pistons, one Engine block sleeving, a "reduction“The displacement from 3,2 to 3,1 liters and a new compression of 12: 1, the upgrade is essentially achieved. In addition, there is a powerful HKS air filter, a VAC oil pump, a new valve control and an Achilles Motorsport cylinder head gasket.

even a methanol injection is installed

BMW Z3 M Coupe Kompressor Tuning Garage 54 10 1.000 PS sneaker! BMW Z3 M Coupé with supercharger!

With a new VANOS camshaft control, one Methanol injection and E85 fuel, the massive increase in performance is ultimately achieved. And the changes to the chassis are also highly professional. There were, for example, reinforced subframes (at the rear with toe and camber adjustment), two-way adjustable struts from TC Kline Racing, preload dome bearings, Hotchkis stabilizers, Powerflex PU bushings and a strut bar for reinforcement. And Ghery has also built in some individuality in the cockpit. The factory BiColor equipment in black and gray is supplemented with Recaro seats and there was also a Z4 M sports steering wheel, additional displays in the center console and a special one Roll bar. The unique piece is impressively rounded off with a chic black gear lever with a round custom knob made of wood, a modern sound system with a Pioneer head unit, several amplifiers, new speakers, subwoofer, Alcantara cover for the headliner and pillars, aluminum pedals and an E46 M3 instrument cluster . If we receive information on further changes not mentioned before, there will of course be an update for this report as always. It is best to subscribe to our feed and if there is something new, you will be informed immediately. We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures.


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BMW Z3 M Coupé with supercharger!

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