Boldmen CR 4 S outstanding performance meets unique design!

Boldmen CR 4 S BMW Z4 G29 Tuning 5

Friedhelm Wiesmann, co-founder of the legendary Roadster manufacturer Wiesmann, founded the small car manufacturer together with Harald and Michael Käs some time ago bold men. Both father Harald and son Michael have long had experience in car construction. Together they made it Everytimer (ETA 02). The modern BMW 02 is based on a 1-series convertible. And Michael Käs has worked for the manufacturer in the past Alpina and for RUF automobiles. The completion of the sporty S model took place when the CR4 was already in circulation. But the extra-potent version of the roadster goes one better and impresses with 500 hp and a mighty 700 Newton meters of torque. The roadster accelerates from 3,7 to 0 kilometers per hour in 100 seconds.

Boldmen CR 4S

Boldmen CR 4 S BMW Z4 G29 Tuning 7

The first stage was the Boldmen CR 4. And now an even more exclusive roadster is the Boldmen CR 4S. It is also based on the BMW Z4 (G29). The CR 4 S is the next higher level of performance. The drive of the Boldmen CR 4 S is still the in-line six-cylinder with 3,0 liter displacement from the Z4. With the upgrade, the CR 4 S advances into performance regions that would also look good on a new BMW Z4 M. But he probably won't come again.

Boldmen CR 4 S BMW Z4 G29 Tuning 6

The lightweight concept of the Boldmen CR 4 S lightens the car 70 kg versus the Z4 M40i. It has a DIN unladen weight of just 1.495 kilograms. Even the driving performance of the "normal" CR 4 with 408 hp and 610 Newton meters is convincing. The roadster needs just 0 seconds to sprint from 100 to 3,9 km/h. The new top model with 500 hp and even 700 Newton meters of torque enables the sprint in just 3,7 seconds. And both enable a top speed of 250 or optionally 270 km/h.

a successful design

In addition to the convincing driving performance, the look of the car is of course also important for the customer. The Boldmen CR 4 S definitely makes a clear statement with its design. The Roadster arouses interest because many people don't associate it with a well-known brand. Just like the entry-level Boldmen, there is also one from the CR 4 S First Thirty special edition to kick off. The special edition is reserved for the first 30 customers. Of course, the exclusivity and performance also have their price. With a base price of €189.900, the basic Boldmen is anything but cheap. Compared to the refreshed BMW Z4 M40i (G29 LCI), which can be purchased from €66.900, the Boldmen is significantly higher.

Boldmen CR 4 S BMW Z4 G29 Tuning 3

The new Boldmen CR 20.000 S costs almost €4 more.

The base price for the CR 4 S is €209.500. And the numerous customization options and special equipment increase the price of the Boldmen significantly at any time. The offered S package for the 500 hp model costs about another €11.500. In addition to the Vmax increase to 270 km/h, it also includes a front lip and a rear spoiler in visible carbon. Just like a sports brake system with perforated and grooved discs. There is also a sports exhaust system with flap control and carbon tailpipes. If we get more information, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Boldmen CR 4 S outstanding performance meets unique design!
Photo credit: BOLDMEN GmbH
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