Brabham Alfa Romeo 164 Procar with V10 and +620 PS

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Alfa Romeo 164 Procar Tuning 13 Brabham Alfa Romeo 164 Procar with V10 and +620 PS

After we gave you the crazy one yesterday Renault Espace F1 with V10 have presented and also the legendary BMW X5 V12 Le Mans has already been introduced, you must have this "loner“From Alfa Romeo, of course. Curtain up for the next tuning classic in the form of the Brabham Alfa Romeo 164 Procar with V10 and over 600 PS under the hood. A vehicle that was built with Brabham at the end of the 1980s and is of course an absolutely unique piece. And not with the 3-liter six-cylinder and 194 hp that brought the 8,1 to country road speed in 164 seconds and enabled a top speed of 230 km / h, but with a V10 naturally aspirated engine and over 600 hp.

Maximum 330 km/h

Alfa Romeo 164 Procar Tuning 4 Brabham Alfa Romeo 164 Procar with V10 and +620 PS

The result was a top speed of phenomenal 330 km / h and the resulting desire to redefine the touring car scene. However, the breakthrough did not succeed! And that, although the Alfa Romeo 164 Procar was a real touring car with the purest racing technology, just with the look of the production model. The then One Constructors Association (FOCA) boss Bernie Ecclestone wanted to launch a new touring car series with Formula 1 technology and show how it was done with the Alfa Romeo 164 Procar. The ProCar vehicles should be homologated in the new group "S" (S = silhouette). The basis for the conversion is an ordinary 164, which was then placed on the market as a luxury sedan.

"Replicated" 164 silhouette

Alfa Romeo 164 Procar Tuning 7 Brabham Alfa Romeo 164 Procar with V10 and +620 PS

The only thing the Procar has in common with the series is its simple, "replicated" silhouette. The aluminum-Nomex-Honeycomb monocoque chassis came from Formula 1 Team Brabham and from Alfa Corse (Racing department of the manufacturer) the typical 164 body. The middle section was built from aluminum and the front and rear sections were made from carbon / kevlar. A common locking mechanism for the bonnet and tailgate was dispensed with in favor of quick maintenance, so the popular quick-release fasteners were used. Both carbon body parts can be easily removed for quick repairs in the pit lane. But the absolute highlight is under the hood! However, not under the "bonnet“But under the roof, if you can also call it a hood.

3,5-liter ten-cylinder

Alfa Romeo 164 Procar Tuning 3 Brabham Alfa Romeo 164 Procar with V10 and +620 PS

Here, a 3,5-liter ten-cylinder in a V arrangement and a bank angle of 72 degrees from Alfa Romeo was installed which was never used in Formula 1. In the Procar, the unit produced a good 620 hp and had no trouble with the light Italian, which weighed only 750 kilograms (unladen weight). The sprint to 100 km / h is completed in about 2 seconds and the top speed of 329 km / h is still phenomenal today. By the way, it is shifted with a six-speed gearbox that Formula 1 driver Ricardo Patrese pushed to the limit during test drives in 1988. Visually, apart from the large rear wing on the trunk lid, everything is largely standard. Although the underbody was clad to improve road holding at high speeds and a Formula 1 brake system with monoblock brake calipers including multi-piston technology and carbon fiber brake discs was installed for real deceleration, these components will only be noticed by the connoisseur.

Center console is typical 164 Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo 164 Procar Tuning 2 Brabham Alfa Romeo 164 Procar with V10 and +620 PS

The most striking feature next to the spoiler are possibly the black 17-inch motorsport alloy wheels with particularly wide racing tires (front 9 ″ x 17 ″ / rear 13,5 ″ x 17 ″, Michelin racing tires in the format 23 / 66-17 ″ and 35 / 66-17 ″) for optimal traction and lateral acceleration on the race track. And inside there was a real racing cockpit, where the center console could look like the series 164 Alfa Romeo. Crazy part! If we receive timely information on further details, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

(Photo / s: Alfa Romeo and others)

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Brabham Alfa Romeo 164 Procar with V10 and 600 PS

Alfa Romeo 164 Procar Tuning 1 Brabham Alfa Romeo 164 Procar with V10 and +620 PS

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