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Limited to 10 pieces - Brabus 900 Mercedes G-Class

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Brabus 900 Mercedes G Class G65 AMG Tuning 2017 2 Limited to 10 pieces Brabus 900 Mercedes G Class

Just this morning the news ran up and down that the German Environmental Aid (DUH) is demanding a fine for diesel SUV registrations. In Scandinavia, when an SUV is registered, a high amount has been due for a long time and the focus is particularly on thirsty diesel SUVs. Without ifs and buts, the latest creation from Brabus will also fall into this grid. Although it is not a diesel vehicle, if you are serious about releasing a 900 PS & 1500 NM torque twelve-cylinder SUV on the road, you will probably also notice a negative thing in Scandinavia. However, we like the vehicle extremely well and it shows what the traditional tuner Brabus is capable of. The G65 from Brabus is now officially the most powerful twelve-cylinder off-road vehicle in the world and comes with insane performance data.

Brabus 900 Mercedes G Class G65 AMG Tuning 2017 5 Limited to 10 pieces Brabus 900 Mercedes G Class

You can see the monster at the IAA in Frankfurt / Main. The basis is the Mercedes G65 with a V12 biturbo engine that has been expanded to 6,3 liters and has been completely redesigned. A peak output of 662 kW / 900 PS and 1.500 Nm of torque ensures that the supercar from Bottrop is the most powerful twelve-cylinder SUV in the world. It goes from 0 - 100 km / h in just 3,9 seconds and the top speed is electronically limited to 270 km / h. The weight is simply too extreme a load for the tires, but the performance would certainly be sufficient for 300km / h and more. Nevertheless, the BRABUS 900 "ONE OF TEN" is the fastest V12 off-road SUV on the market. But it is not just the enormous power that makes the high-performance off-road vehicle a superlative. The body has also changed thanks BRABUS WIDESTAR body kit changed significantly.

Brabus 900 Mercedes G Class G65 AMG Tuning 2017 21 Limited to 10 pieces Brabus 900 Mercedes G Class

And at the latest these changes will ensure that the Brabus 900 “One Of Ten” belongs in the eyes of the skeptics to the cars the world doesn't need. However, we have no doubts that the ten built copies will still be sold easily. Even if the price is, as expected, in a different world. But back to performance again. 900 PS & 1.500NM -> that is crazy 270 PS more than the 6,0-liter original engine already brings to light ex works. When it comes to torque, the data are just as spectacular because 1.500 NM is a 50% increase in performance compared to the 1.000 NM torque ex works. The torque is limited to 1.200 Nm so that the gearbox, the drives and the clutch can handle the whole thing at all. Whether the wide body, the massive carbon air scoop, the huge 23-inch forged wheels or the side exhaust tailpipes, everything comes from Brabus and was made in the finest handwork, and this of course also applies to the interior.

Brabus 900 Mercedes G Class G65 AMG Tuning 2017 6 Limited to 10 pieces Brabus 900 Mercedes G Class

Here every corner is lined with leather and so incidentally, the entire rear seat was removed and replaced by two extremely comfortable single seats. They allow a comfortable seating position to marvel at the LED constellations in the Alcantara headliner or watch TV. Anyone who is currently planning to place an order with Brabus should bear in mind, however, that the 666.000 Euro has to be paid to own one of the ten built copies. If we get more details about the changes, there is, of course, an update for this report. It is best to subscribe to our feed and if there is something new you will get in touch immediately. We wish you a lot of fun watching the pictures.

(Photos: Brabus)

These are the changes to the Mercedes G 65:

  • the most powerful twelve-cylinder off-road vehicle in the world
  • Name: BRABUS 900 "ONE OF TEN"
  • Peak power 662 kW / 900 PS at 5.500 rpm (maximum torque of 1.500 Nm at 4.200 tours) - (displacement expanded to 6,3 liters, BRABUS special crankshaft milled from solid with longer stroke, enlarged cylinder bores, forged pistons, from solid milled special connecting rods, charger with larger compressor unit and turbine + modified exhaust manifolds, 80 millimeter downpipes, back pressure lowering metal catalysts, newly programmed engine electronics with special maps for injection and ignition, modified boost pressure control)
  • 3,9 seconds from 0 - 100 km / h
  • Top speed electronically limited to 270 km / h
  • BRABUS WIDESTAR wide version (carbon air scoop with special bonnet, fender flares for twelve centimeters more width - also for the front doors, front and rear WIDESTAR fenders with integrated LEDs, running boards with illuminated lighting, front spoiler for the standard apron, BRABUS additional headlight attachment for the roof in sight. Carbon, additional carbon cover under the radiator grille, design front grille with BRABUS logo, rear apron with central reflector and LED reversing lights, BRABUS roof spoiler)
  • BRABUS "PLATINUM EDITION" High-tech forged wheels in 23 inches (eg BRABUS monoblock "PLATINUM EDITION" wheel designs F and R, 11Jx23 high-tech forged wheels all around, with YOKOHAMA ADVAN Sport in 305 / 35 ZR 23, optionally forged wheels in the two BRABUS monoblocks Designs E evo and Y)
  • electrically adjustable BRABUS Dynamic Ride Control suspension
  • BRABUS high-performance brake system

  • BRABUS fine leather interior with individual seats in the rear
  • Limited edition of only ten vehicles
  • Price: € 666.000
  • flap-controlled BRABUS stainless steel high-performance exhaust system. (with integrated sound management - adjustable at the push of a button on the steering wheel, two tailpipes each left and right in front of the rear wheels,)
  • BRABUS intake module 900 (air filter housing with enlarged intake cross section, special filter, "Gold Heat Reflection" coating for lowering the temperature)
  • wider track
  • High-performance brake system Version V (front axle with ventilated and perforated brake discs in 412 x 38 millimeter format, 8 piston-aluminum fixed callipers, steel-flex brake lines, high-performance brake fluid from technology partner Motul)
  • all chrome parts painted black
  • Side mirrors upgraded with visible carbon cases
  • black tinted xenon headlights and LED daytime running lights with precisely fitting carbon fiber covers
  • Original direction indicator located on the top of the fenders and replaced with sight-carbon screens
  • Ride Control suspension in cooperation with technology partner BILSTEIN (all around double electrically adjustable shock absorbers, automatic damper adjustment)
  • Presentation vehicle with fine leather full leather interior in a combination of Mondial Vanilla and Mondial Black (with red piping and vanilla-colored decorative stitching, particularly soft and breathable Mastik leather with millimeter-accurate perforation and shell-shaped stitching, starry sky in black Alcantara, gimbal-mounted reading lights in LED technology, floor with fine Upholstered leather, embroidered "900" logos on the front headrests, trunk completely redesigned with integrated storage compartments on the left and subwoofer system on the right, rear bench seat replaced by a single seat system with multi-contour adjustment & memory and integrated seat ventilation, BRABUS touch control panel in 4,3 inch format, two extendable tables, USB multimedia interface, two cup holders, integrated safety compartment, BRABUS pedals and door locking pins made of aluminum, stainless steel door sills with blue illuminated BRABUS logo)

Brabus 900 Mercedes G Class G65 AMG Tuning 2017 21 Limited to 10 pieces Brabus 900 Mercedes G Class

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