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Mercedes E-Class as a motorway floor - Brabus E800

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Brabus E800 Mercedes W213 Tuning 2021 E Class 2 Mercedes E Class as motorway bullet Brabus E800

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The Shanghai Auto Show is not only there to ensure that all automobile manufacturers in the world present their innovations there, but also serves well-known tuning companies as a stage for their latest creations. This is how the Bottrop-based Mercedes tuner presents Brabus, who has been known for its individual Mercedes creations for decades, and other brands such as Smart or Wey dedicated his latest creation, namely the Brabus 800 based on the current Mercedes-AMG E 63 S 4Matic +, which, in contrast to the production model from AMG, does not appear to be very different, but it does significantly for the curious interested party more efficient and a modified look beckons.

Black dominates the Brabus 800.

Brabus E800 Mercedes W213 Tuning 2021 E Class 5 Mercedes E Class as motorway bullet Brabus E800

In order to achieve the most sporty look possible, without any great showmanship, the tuning forge from the Ruhr area decided on a finish that was largely made of black elements consists. For example, the vertical struts of the Panamericana grills of the Brabus 800 completely in black, and also the bumper As well as the Brabus emblem were designed in this color scheme in order to create an overall impression that is as harmonious as possible. At the stern was an extremely subtle one spoiler attached, which is very strong on a Gurney Flap remembered, and one Four pipe exhaust system with a classic arrangement that has a black one diffuser flanked, also found its way to the motorway floor. A Chrome strips between the rear lights and the rear fog light in the F-1 style are also among the subtle modifications.

Brabus E800 Mercedes W213 Tuning 2021 E Class 1 Mercedes E Class as motorway bullet Brabus E800

The 21 inch rims are almost completely covered, making for an essential improved aerodynamicsto the Brabus E800 To enable the lowest possible air resistance at high motorway speeds. The rim is vaguely reminiscent of classic Lorinser wheels without shamelessly copying their design. Also the Maybach models for China have a similar rim design, but of course these wheels are also should not about copies, but only about rims that only have similarities with the Brabus rims. We're pretty sure that the Brabus E-Class will be a hit on every boulevard in the world and, above all, that you can leave pretty much any super sports car behind, but we'll go into that in more detail.

A four-liter V8 biturbo powers this E-Class.

A E63 AMG 4Matic + Isn't exactly weak-chested anyway, but this monster tops it all off again. With full 800 PS and a huge 1000 Newton meters of maximum torque, the Brabus E800 is currently the benchmark when it comes to the performance of four-door sports sedans. Combined with an all-wheel drive and a nine-speed automatic transmission, the almost 2-ton vehicle sprints in a fabulous manner 3,1 seconds from zero to 100 kilometers per hour, and the propulsion only ends with super sports car-like 330 km/h. So you can be the king of the highway if you are in a bit of a hurry and you don't have to pay attention to any speed limits.

Our conclusion on the Brabus E800:

A supercar in limousine dress, which, in addition to gigantic driving performance, also brings suitability for everyday use and comfort, which sets it apart from many automobiles in this performance class, which are usually not suitable for everyday use and offer little comfort. Should you like the Brabus E800, then you can take a look at the picture gallery that we have made available for you. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribed. Have fun looking at the pictures and stay true to us! The vehicle from the video is KEIN official Brabus vehicle.

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