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Twice as good - BRABUS Mercedes S 63 4MATIC & Maybach S 650

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With the recently presented facelift for the Mercedes S-Class, the most sporty variant of the series, the S 63 4MATIC, as well as the most luxurious version, the Mercedes-Maybach S 650, were thoroughly revised. And of course, BRABUS offers especially exclusive finishing programs for both new models.

BRABUS 700 Mercedes S 63 4MATIC BRABUS 900 Maybach S 650 Tuning 5 Double good BRABUS Mercedes S 63 4MATIC & Maybach S 650

The BRABUS B40-700 PowerXtra Performance Upgrade gives the new four-liter eight-cylinder twin-turbo engine of the current S 63 impressive 515 kW / 700 PS top performance and maximum torque of 950 Nm at just 3.500 rpm.

BRABUS 700 Mercedes S 63 4MATIC BRABUS 900 Maybach S 650 Tuning 1 Double good BRABUS Mercedes S 63 4MATIC & Maybach S 650

For the Mercedes-Maybach S 650 there is the BRABUS 900 6.3 V12 twin-turbo engine, which gives the luxury liner tremendous 662 kW / 900 horsepower and maximum torque of 1.500 Nm. The top speed is over 350 km / h. Of course, BRABUS is not limited to high performance: for both new models, there are also tailor-made aerodynamic components, high-tech forged wheels and exclusive BRABUS fine leather interior design.

BRABUS Mercedes S63 222MATIC & Maybach S 2018

The latest S 63 is powered by a V8 biturbo with 3.982 cc displacement. Of course, the BRABUS engine engineers also developed an efficient performance upgrade for this engine. In extensive tests with state-of-the-art test bed technology and on the road, they developed new maps for injection and ignition and also reprogrammed the electronic boost pressure control. The new engine management system will be adapted in plug-and-play technology to the electronic engine management system of the S 63 4MATIC. After installation, 64,7 kW / 88 PS are more top performance and 100 Nm more torque ready.

BRABUS Mercedes S63 222MATIC & Maybach S 2018

With 515 kW / 700 horsepower at just 6.100 rpm and maximum torque of 950 Nm on 3.500 tours only, the all-wheel drive luxury sedan sprints to 3,3 speed in just 100 seconds. The top speed is 300 km / h. Already in development is a BRABUS Vmax module, which will enable even higher top speeds.

BRABUS Mercedes S63 222MATIC & Maybach S 2018

A similar upgrade is also available for the S 560 version of the Mercedes-Maybach. Thus, the 4,0 liter V8 twin-turbo 478 kW / 650 PS produces peak power and maximum torque of 820 Nm.

BRABUS offers high performance in pure culture for the Mercedes-Maybach S 650, which is already very powerful with its 390 kW / 530 PS powerful twelve-cylinder twin-turbo engine ex works. However, with the BRABUS 900 6.3 V12 Biturbo engine, the luxury liner achieves a level of performance previously reserved for the world's most powerful supercars. This engine is also available for the S 600 and the S 65.

BRABUS 900 Mercedes Maybach S 650 Tuning 2018 14 Double good BRABUS Mercedes S 63 4MATIC & Maybach S 650

For this purpose, the proven principle of increasing the displacement is used in the company's own high-tech engine construction. To upgrade from standard 6,0 to 6,3 liters, a BRABUS special long-stroke crankshaft milled from solid, precisely balanced connecting rods and forged pistons with a larger diameter are installed and the cylinder bores are enlarged.

BRABUS 700 Mercedes S 63 4MATIC BRABUS 900 Maybach S 650 Tuning 4 Double good BRABUS Mercedes S 63 4MATIC & Maybach S 650

Equally indispensable for achieving the desired high performance level is a thoroughly revised engine periphery. Thus, the two standard turbochargers are replaced by supercharger with larger compressor unit and turbine, which are adapted with special exhaust manifolds to the V12. In addition, on the exhaust side larger downpipes with 80 millimeter diameter, low-pressure metal catalysts and a flap-controlled BRABUS stainless steel high-performance exhaust system are used.

Numerous modifications have also been made on the intake side to ensure an optimized air supply to the engine. The BRABUS intake module 900 made of carbon can be identified at first glance, which is ventilated directly from the newly designed radiator grille via an air duct in the bonnet. The new intake tract also includes a special air filter housing with an enlarged intake cross-section and special filters, as well as a "Gold Heat Reflection" coating on the intake manifold to reduce temperature.

BRABUS 700 Mercedes S 63 4MATIC BRABUS 900 Maybach S 650 Tuning 2 Double good BRABUS Mercedes S 63 4MATIC & Maybach S 650

All high performance components and modifications to the engine are perfectly matched by newly programmed maps for injection, charge pressure control and ignition. This not only guarantees optimal performance, but also the fulfillment of the strict EURO VI emissions standard.

BRABUS 900 Mercedes Maybach S 650 Tuning 2018 5 Double good BRABUS Mercedes S 63 4MATIC & Maybach S 650

After conversion, the V12 engine, which is powered exclusively by Motul's high-tech engine oil, produces maximum power of 662 kW / 900 horsepower at just 5.500 rpm. Just as gigantic is the maximum torque of 1.500 Nm on 4.200 tours.

Thus, the BRABUS Supercar based on the Mercedes-Maybach S 650 despite over 2,8 tons permissible total weight achieves performance such as otherwise only a few thoroughbred supercars are achieved: With BRABUS 900 6.3 V12 biturbo drive accelerates the four-seater in only 3,7 seconds of 0 - 100 km /H. The top speed is over 350 km / h.

BRABUS 900 Mercedes Maybach S 650 Tuning 2018 3 Double good BRABUS Mercedes S 63 4MATIC & Maybach S 650

The BRABUS 900 engine recently impressively demonstrated its enormous performance capability at an event organized by the German trade magazine AUTO BILD SPORTSCARS: The magazine organized an acceleration competition for tuned supercars on the test track in Papenburg. The distance was exactly 3.000 meters. Biggest and with 2.250 kilogram unladen weight the heaviest vehicle in the starting field: A BRABUS ROCKET 900 based on the Mercedes S 65. From a standstill, the high performance luxury limousine from Bottrop reached a speed of 340,4 km / h on the only three kilometer long track.

340 km / h? No problem…

Like all other BRABUS components, all high-performance variants are also supplied with the exemplary BRABUS Tuning Guarantee® over 3 years up to 100.000 kilometers (according to BRABUS warranty conditions, July 2013 version). The high-tech lubricants for the complete powertrain of all models are provided by technology partner MOTUL.

BRABUS Mercedes S63 222MATIC & Maybach S 2018

Power and exciting engine sound are provided by the BRABUS sports exhaust systems with electronic sound management via exhaust flap control, which are available with different tailpipe designs for all new models. They offer the driver the opportunity to control the engine sound from the cockpit. The "Coming Home" mode is quieter than the standard exhaust. With open flaps sound the respective engines even sportier and more powerful than with the standard exhaust system.

The enormous performance that all BRABUS Supercars can realize on the basis of the new S-Class, the aerodynamics plays an elementary role. For the facelift generation of the S 63, the BRABUS designers developed tailor-made visual carbon aerodynamic components. The front is dynamically designed with the BRABUS front spoiler lip and the front apron attachments. In addition, the front fenders on each side are enhanced visually with a BRABUS design element made of carbon fiber. The integrated BRABUS logo is optionally available in a lighted version and is then activated by operating the remote control or pulling a door handle.

lots of carbon

At the same time, the LEDs that are integrated into the underside of the BRABUS side skirts also light up. The underfloor lighting makes it safer to approach the car in the dark and helps to avoid being stepped into a pothole or puddle. The BRABUS stainless steel door sill trims for all four doors are also illuminated - with changing colors on request.

BRABUS 900 Mercedes Maybach S 650 Tuning 2018 18 Double good BRABUS Mercedes S 63 4MATIC & Maybach S 650

The BRABUS aerodynamic concept for the new S 63 is complemented by the BRABUS rear apron with integrated visible carbon diffuser and tailor-made cut-outs for the BRABUS sports exhaust system and the rear spoiler.

The sporty-elegant BRABUS look for the Mercedes-Maybach, which is almost 21 centimeters longer than the current S-Class long version, is characterized by the wind tunnel's newly developed aerodynamic components for the current S-Class, which are made of PUR as original equipment to be produced.

BRABUS 900 Mercedes Maybach S 650 Tuning 2018 4 Double good BRABUS Mercedes S 63 4MATIC & Maybach S 650

The BRABUS front apron, which was newly developed for the facelift model, completely replaces the series bumpers and offers not only an optical upgrade: The integrated front spoiler reduces the lift forces at high speed on the front axle, which further improves driving stability. The large air intakes in the BRABUS bumper optimize the fresh air supply of the radiators, engine and front brakes. With a discreet Chrome add-on package, the BRABUS designers also adopt the design language of the top-of-the-range S-Class model in their aerodynamic section. To give the Supercar an even more striking face in the characteristic style of the Maybach brand, the BRABUS designers developed a special radiator grille.

An equally exceptional and functional feature is the BRABUS ambient lighting, which is activated in the dark when the keyless-go mode is activated by approaching the vehicle or pulling a door handle in the interior. The illumination of the floor to the left and right of the refurbished Maybach provides increased safety when entering and exiting.

The rear view is defined even more strikingly by the BRABUS rear apron. The integrated diffuser has tailor-made cut-outs for the four chrome-plated tailpipes of the BRABUS high-performance exhaust system.

Exciting design, top quality and a further increase in driving dynamics are the outstanding features of the BRABUS Monoblock wheels, which are offered for all new Mercedes S-Class models in numerous sizes from 18 to 22 inch diameter.

255 / 35 ZR 21 front and 295 / 30 ZR 21 rear

The attached photos show the BRABUS 700 based on the S 63 4MATIC with two different designs, the BRABUS Monoblock F cross-spoke styling and the Monoblock Y with spokes that taper towards the outer edge like a Y. The BRABUS monoblock "PLATINUM EDITION" high-tech wheels are manufactured using the latest forging technology and offer an optimal symbiosis of maximum strength and lightweight construction. In both versions, the dimensions 9Jx21 on the front axle and 10.5Jx21 at the rear make excellent use of the available space in the wheel arches. Continental, Pirelli and YOKOHAMA high-performance tires in sizes 255/35 ZR 21 at the front and 295/30 ZR 21 on the rear axle are optimally fitted.

BRABUS 700 Mercedes S 63 4MATIC BRABUS 900 Maybach S 650 Tuning 4 Double good BRABUS Mercedes S 63 4MATIC & Maybach S 650

The Mercedes-Maybach S 650 with BRABUS 900 6.3 V12 biturbo displacement engine is shown in these pictures not only with BRABUS Monoblock F "PLATINUM EDITION" 21-inch forged wheels, but also with the BRABUS 22-inch wheel / tire combination available as an alternative for all models see. The BRABUS Monoblock G "Platinum Edition" forged wheels in the combination of 9Jx22 with 255/30 ZR 22 tires on the front axle and 10Jx22 with 295/25 ZR 22 tires at the rear also make full use of the available space in the wheel arches.

The BRABUS lowering module, with which the body of the S-Class is lowered by approximately 15 millimeters, is specially adapted to the ultra-flat low-profile tires of all models.

In the in-house saddlery, BRABUS BRABUS fine leather produces interiors that are tailored exactly to the wishes of the customer right down to the last detail. The BRABUS 700, based on the S 63 4MATIC, features particularly soft and breathable black Mastik leather with gray and red decorative stitching and a curved padding design to match the black exterior paint finish. Corresponding to the sporty design of the S 63, BRABUS genuine carbon fiber elements in sporty checkered flag design with high-gloss finish replace the standard wood inlays. These are complemented by tailor-made aluminum components such as the BRABUS RACE shift paddles, pedals and door pins. Sill plates with illuminated BRABUS 700 logo, which can be displayed in various colors to match the Ambiente interior lighting, complete the interior finish.

Even more exclusive is a BRABUS "Masterpiece" interior, which was specially designed for the current Maybach models. Not only does this include a limitless variety of leather and Alcantara varieties in every desired color, which can be done in virtually any desired upholstery design. Just as individual is the range of precious wood or carbon inlays in every desired color and various surface finishes. The BRABUS speedometer up to 400 km / h corresponds to the performance potential of the BRABUS 900 6.3 V12 Biturbo engine.

In the Supercar shown here, the BRABUS "Masterpiece" full leather trim was made in contrast to the vehicle color in a bright Nature Beige tone. Not only does this include flawless workmanship down to the last corner: the exact perforation of the precious material on the seating surfaces ensures optimum function of the seat ventilation. Just as precise was the scalloped stitching of the leather on selected parts of the seats and door panels. Even the teak-colored leather upholstered bottom of the luxury liner has the same quilting pattern throughout. Another extraordinary BRABUS idea is the starry sky, whose hundreds of fiber-optic cables can change the color analogous to the ambient lighting.

BRABUS is one of the pioneers in the development of innovative, functional and harmoniously integrated business and multimedia systems in automobiles. With this unique know-how, BRABUS in-car IT experts have developed an innovative business and entertainment concept that has been integrated into the Mercedes-Maybach as perfectly as harmoniously, but can of course also be implemented in any S-Class sedan ,

In the course of the interior refurbishment, a BRABUS center console, which was developed especially for the luxury sedan with the extra-long wheelbase, was added to the rear, which extends between the two rear individual seats. If required, one table for each seat can be removed from the console at the press of a button, which is perfect for working with or without a tablet PC.

Tablet PC? In the case of the Microsoft Surface this designation fully applies. The BRABUS 900 is equipped with a business concept, as its "brain" two Microsoft Surface 4 Pro computers of the latest generation function. These are stored in the console not only safe and almost invisible in docking stations when they are not needed, but also charged.

Single seats, new center console and more

The advantage of this choice is obvious: If the owner of this luxury liner also uses PCs with Microsoft software at home or in the office, the Surface Computers do not require any annoying conversion. In addition, one of the two Surface is integrated into the on-board electronics, which sound and image via the standard hi-fi system and the integrated into the back of the front seats screens are transmitted. Optionally, a large, extendable LCD display can be integrated into the headliner, the program is then also controlled from the tablet. The BRABUS Touch Control Panel with 3,5 inch screen diagonal, which is integrated in the armrest between the rear seats, can tilt the tablets electrically or control the volume of the multimedia system on board.

BRABUS 700 Mercedes S 63 4MATIC BRABUS 900 Maybach S 650 Tuning 3 Double good BRABUS Mercedes S 63 4MATIC & Maybach S 650

Both computers can be connected to the Internet via an 4G high-speed router, not only providing up-to-the-minute news from all over the world, but also streaming services for a virtually inexhaustible variety of music, movies and TV programs to offer.

Of course, BRABUS also offers its customers business and multimedia systems with Apple or Android technology.

BRABUS 700 Mercedes S 63 4MATIC BRABUS 900 Maybach S 650 Tuning 2 Double good BRABUS Mercedes S 63 4MATIC & Maybach S 650

The BRABUS 700 and 900 models can be manufactured as a complete car on individual customer request. Alternatively, customers who already own one of these vehicles can have their own luxury sedan completely or gradually converted to this level.

Fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and efficiency class:
BRABUS 700 based on S 63: city 11,7 l / 100 km, out of town 7,3 l / 100 km, combined: 8,9 l / 100 km. CO2 emissions, combined: 203 g / km, efficiency class D.

Mercedes-Maybach S 650 with BRABUS 900 6.3 V12 Biturbo Hubraummotor: city 17,1 l / 100 km, out of town 8,6 l / 100 km, combined: 11,9 l / 100 km. CO2 emissions, combined: 279 g / km, efficiency class F.

the S63 AMG in the video

the Maybach S650 in the video


(Photos: Brabus)

BRABUS 900 based on Mercedes-Maybach S 650

BRABUS 700 based on Mercedes S 63 4MATIC

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