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Custom Car Stickers for Distinctive Looks

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Useful tips for customizing your car

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If you want to turn your car into a real, individual advertising medium for your company or if you want to give your message a voice in public, there are various options available. For example, you can design an individual text as a sticker, stick your own company logo on the car as an advertisement for your company or design the button yourself with individual motifs. Whether as a domain or address label: there are simply no limits to your creative creation on my Folie.com.

Texts, company logo and / or individual motives: So you become your own auto-designer

Your car, with cool stickers that you have designed yourself, stands out particularly and is always a real eye-catcher. For example, you can also add your own picture to personal adhesive films and have them printed with a suitable slogan. Because your car is always the symbol of your own individuality. You can underline this perfectly with a personal exterior design of your vehicle. Whether provided with a pure text message, monochrome or colorful, in small or large letters: simply make your car a successful marketing tool.

As a rear window sticker, as a button for the bonnet, for the trunk or the side doors: make your vehicle a highlight!

logo myfilm 2 Custom Car Stickers for Distinctive Looks

With personal car stickers in the form of individual adhesive films, your message is not only effectively conveyed to everyone who sees your car, but you also effectively stand out from the crowd with your vehicle. Since such a message is often only seen briefly, it should also contain all relevant information, depending on what you want to inform about. This can be, for example, the address of your website, the telephone number, your company logo and the name of your company. But you can also transport information about your product or service with the help of personal stickers. If you have already installed flyers and / or business cards or a certain design on your website, then it is recommended that you also apply this to your sticker, so that an effective recognition value is given. Precisely because of the short period of time in which your message can be noticed, the following applies here: "The spice is in the shortness". Therefore, do not overload your button with too much text, but instead find a good mix of text and images in your design.

What you should pay attention to stickers

Regarding the font, it is advisable to choose it without a background, because it will look as if it has been painted on the varnish. The lettering adapts perfectly to the overall picture. Of course, for long-term use it is also recommended that your design is weatherproof. You should also consider the shape of the sticker. Rather angular, or rather round? Or maybe a contour sticker is more suitable in your case, for example if you want to stick a heart or star shape on your vehicle?


logo myfilm 3 Custom Car Stickers for Distinctive Looks

As you could read, there are plenty of options for customizing your car sticker for the unmistakable look of your vehicle. Especially for you, as a special car lover, you can choose from a wide variety of options at My Folie!

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