Tuesday June 15, 2021

Video: INKAS armor on the Cadillac Escalade Mj. 2021

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INKAS armor on the Cadillac Escalade Mj. 2021 2 Video: INKAS armoring on the Cadillac Escalade Mj. 2021

The specialists for vehicle armor from INKAS Tuning have one armored Variant of the new Cadillac Escalade model year 2021 presented in a video. This gives the luxury SUV a light ballistic armor, which offer complete all-round protection with a protection level of up to CEN 1063 BR6 offers. It can withstand projectiles from an assault rifle (7,62 mm ammunition) and two exploding at the same time DM51 hand grenades apparently cannot harm the Escalade. The protective armor covers the entire body and there is additional protection for the vehicle battery and the electronic Control modules of the vehicle.

multilayer bulletproof glass

The standard discs are through multilayer bulletproof glass replaced, and the suspension, which Door hinges and other structural points are reinforced. To do this, the Escalade stands up Run-flat tires. And in addition to armor protection, INKAS also offers a range of optional equipment for the Escalade 2021. For example, particularly light armor, a high-performance braking system, a fire extinguishing system, a siren / PA / intercom system, emergency lights and even new rims with a particularly high load capacity.


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