Video: Cadillac hearse as a creepy camper!

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Cadillac hearse creepy camper campula tuning 3

A hearse convert to a camper? If you can live with the fact that countless dead people have already been brought to their final resting place in such a vehicle, you have a very interesting basis for the conversion. And at the same time, a camping conversion gives the vehicle a second life. Brothers Christopher and Mike did just that. They put an old Cadillac hearse in one Camper with a high roof transformed. And you can easily spend a weekend out of town with it. Christopher owns a tattoo shop and the hearse actually began its second life as a tattoo vehicle. But Mike had a different idea for the vehicle.

Cadillac hearse becomes a creepy camper

Since then, the camper has been called Campula, named after Dracula from the TV show “The Munsters”. And the Cadillac has been a mobile home since the conversion, but under the sheet metal it is still largely standard. He is driven by a 5,7 liter V8. It is over 2,7 meters high and 5,4 meters long and weighs 2.857 kilograms. According to the video, the hardest part of the rebuild was that lifting from the roof. Inside there is a fold-out Sofa, a small kitchenette with sink and fridge. There is also a fold-out TV for indoor and outdoor use and even a Fireplace. It's best to see the rest for yourself.


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