Caterham Cars

Former Lotus Cars dealer Graham Nearn founded 1973 in England's Caterham Cars after Lotus Seven was forced to cease its production for lack of liquidity. Caterham Cars was a household name in the automotive industry to 1989 under Seven Cars. For lovers of open-top driving pleasure, Caterham is an intense driving experience. If you enjoy the deep driving experience and want to enjoy the scenery, then Caterham is the place for you. The vehicles have their very own sound and many bikers have already switched to Caterham. Sporty driving performance and autotuning combine perfectly. Caterham is more like a Formula One vehicle than his silhouettes, and he is tempted to tune to full length. Worldwide, Caterham vehicles are valued and used for motorsport. On many tracks in the world you are used for mountain and circuit races as well as slalom. Caterham CEO Kurt Hoffmann and his team Hyperion have had many successes for Caterham. 2005 became Kurt Hoffmann with the Caterham Hankook Master German Champion.

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