Video: 350 MPH Chevy is the world's fastest pickup!

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350 MPH Chevrolet Hot Streak II 1st

Did you know that the fastest pickup in the world is a 350 MPH Chevrolet with two jet engines is? In production and road-legal form, in 1991 it was the GMC Syclone, which accelerated from 0 to 100 km/h in around 4,5 seconds, which held the record for the world's fastest road-legal pickup. But at that time another vehicle was also being built. And there was another pickup that was even faster, and a lot faster. In fact, it was and is the fastest pickup in the world. However, he is will not approved for road use. That could possibly be due to the two jet engines lie on the back. Curtain up for the Hot Streak II. He is currently from Hayden Profitt II driven and it was built by Les Shockley. Like the Syclone, it was in the early 1990s. Formerly Super Shockwave called, the pickup is a fiberglass recreation of a classic 1957 Chevy truck.

with two Westinghouse J34 jet engines

Two sit at the stern Westinghouse J34 jet engines, which date back to the early days of jet aviation and were introduced in the late 40s and were used by the US military for decades. Specifically, the engines used come from a Navy T-2 Buckeye training aircraft, and for even more power, they even have it afterburner obtain. The result ends in about 25.000 PS & 5.830 NM in combination with a vehicle weight of around two tons. According to our Power to weight calculator insane 0,11 kilograms per kW. And the pickup can reach speeds of up to 350 miles per hour (approx. 563 km/h). In the video, however, Proffitt states that he has "only" reached about 340 miles per hour (approx. 547 km/h) so far. The rest is best seen in the video.


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