Friday 15nd October 2021

Video: Monstermax 2 weighs 22 tons and is huge!

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Monstermax 2 whistlindiesel truck duramax Chevrolet 2 Video: Monstermax 2 weighs 22 tons and is huge!

This monster truck could actually be the largest vehicle of its kind cost worldwide be? The chances are good! But he is still waiting for official confirmation in the Guinness Book of Records. But the numbers from "the application“Are extremely impressive. Especially when compared to that "Monstermax 1" is a crazy jump. Monstermax 2 has grown a lot bigger and the idea behind it comes from the well-known YouTuber Cody Detwiler (@WhistlinDiesel). He wants to outperform the largest monster truck to date, the "Bigfoot 5", which was built by Bob Chandler. But how big is Monstermax 2 actually? The vehicle weighs approx. 22,6 tons, with the axles each weighing almost 6 tons. For the complete construction in connection with the drive train, of course, gigantic struts and incredibly strong chassis components are necessary, which is why all shafts and rotating drive components have gigantic dimensions.

over 1.400 hp are available

The power comes from two V8 Duramax LBZ diesel engines each with a displacement of 6,6 liters and an output of over 700 HP EACH. It gives fuel two 75 liter tanks and like the engines, the tanks come from military lobsters. So overall stand about 1.400 PS available that are insanely huge Off-road tires get out on the streets. These are the largest agricultural tires available from Goodyear. Specifically, it is that Goodyear Optitrac LSW1400 / 30R46 by Titan Tire from the Goodyear Extreme Flotatio series with Low Sidewall Technolog (LSW). Each tire weighs approx. 680 kg and there are three (!!!) shock absorber installed with a spring deflection of 76 cm. Overall were approx. 450 kg welding wire used to connect the Chevrolet body to the rest of the self-built structure. And the Monstermax 2 can also drive properly. The two axles can even be steered independently of one another. Check it out!


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