In the year 1911 Louis Chevrolet founded together with William Durant the Chevrolet Motor Car Company of Michigan. Since he himself gained a lot of experience in racing through his career as a racing driver, Chevrolet wanted with his company an opponent to the Ford Build model T. In 1918, GM bought the company. In the 20s, Chevrolet became the main competitor for the market leader Ford. In 1927, the company achieved the top spot itself. This competition for first place continued over the next few years. During the Second World War, the production of passenger cars was stopped and only military vehicles were produced. In 1953 the first Corvette, today's flagship of the brand, was presented. The Corvette is still the most successful American sports car today. Tuning friends can be found at many US car meetings. There is a full range of sports cars, from classic cars to the latest Camaro. The autotuning community meets for example at the annual US Car Convention in Dresden or for the US Car & Harley meeting in Stuttgart.

Video: Probably the biggest drag race ever - part 6

For all fans of drag races - street races - comparison tests - traffic light races and other direct comparisons between at least two vehicles we have just found a very special video today that shows you how 13 extremely powerful motorized vehicles drive against each other. BMW M4 ...

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